Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12 of 12: January

Happy January, cats and kittens! As always, credit/props/blame to Chad Darnell, 12 of 12 originator and guru.


8:15 - Up. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

8:40 - Off to the park for a run to celebrate seeing the sky. (Seriously: IT IS SO FOGGY HERE.)

8:47 - Path, sun, Rian Johnson on the Creative Screenwriting podcast.

9:57 - Apparently, I have become the kind of person who eats Great Grains and reads The New York Times.

10:10 - Deep thoughts in my Inbox.

(Personally, am torn on this issue. I do miss tasty Season 2 hipster hair, but the new look has grown on me. Could maybe do with--dare I say it?--a tad more product.)

10: 35 - Research for Austenacious. No, really.

12:30 - Taking a break for some thank-you knitting.

12:50 - Lunch: grilled cheese with apple and spinach (too much; next time, apple OR spinach!) and Jon Stewart totally failing to intimidate John Yoo (the scary constitutional lawyer, not the First Pres music director, though that would be fun, too).

3:15 - Seeing a man about a website. At Starbucks. Ooh la la!

7:50 - Sherlock enjoys watching my mom play with her people toys.

8:20 - Trying for an after-dinner burst of productivity, with mixed results.


8: 40 - How all good days should end. Obviously.

See you in February.