Wednesday, May 12, 2010

12 of 12: May

Happy 12 of 12, everybody; all credit/blame goes to Chad Darnell. Enjoy!

8:00 - Waking up; no, I have not painted/gotten new sheets/gotten new apartment. I have, however, gotten a house-sitting gig, so there you go.

 8:20 - Watching Lost first thing, before the Internet spoils me. Clyde helps.

11:15 - Hibiscus tea cooler, script notes, and sunshine at the Peet's on Fourth St. My life is so hard.

12:30 - I'm unclear on the necessity of giant soccer balls hanging from the ceiling of Bette's Oceanview Diner, but then again, does anybody ever really need giant soccer balls hanging overhead, especially when there's already retro adorableness and breakfast food involved? BONUS.

12:50 - Brunch-for-lunch with Caroline, and before you ask: yes, we each had savory egg-based dishes plus a shared stack of pancakes, and no, I do not regret this decision.

3:05 - Oh, work-hunting, you are un-fun.

4:38 - Scandalous traffic getting from Highway 13 onto Highway 24.

5:34 - I'm going! Officially!

5:52 - This is the part of the day where we have sausage, onion, and olive pizza for dinner...and I pick off all the sausage, onions, and olives. Starving children in Africa, I apologize.

6:20 - Awana, before the establishing of order.

7:17 - Did your Wednesday involve a cardboard diorama of Paul and Silas's miraculous escape from prison (Acts 16:25-36), complete with yarn river and tiny prison bars? I thought not.

7:34 - Fifth- and sixth-grade Awana girls, who make life just that much more delightful. Noisy, but delightful. (Posted with their permission, promise!)