Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Farewell to Frankencabinet

It's alive. It's ALIVE!

And all it took was a month and a quart of paint.

In recent weeks, the cabinet has gone from this:

to this:

This is one coat of primer and two painstaking coats of Benjamin Moore Advance in Hale Navy talking, and what they are saying is, I AM ALMOST DONE.

There's still detail work to be done: untaping, fishing the newspaper out of the gun rests (you can't see it, but they're painted white, in preparation for lining with paper/fabric/other items I can change according to my whim), putting the door pulls back on, and installing a rack for wine glasses on the underside of the upper cabinet. You might notice in the second picture that the edges of the lower cabinet doors are unpainted; they've shifted again and don't close, which we think we can fix by re-tightening the hinges after they've been untaped, but we've left the door open (heh) for further sanding and adjustments to the doors themselves, just in case.

But I've got some big news: after seven months and many, many weekend hours, the cabinet is coming home! This Thursday, my parents will load it into my dad's pickup truck and deliver it to my dining room ("room" being a loose term in this instance), where it will finally relieve the giant moving box in the guest room of the title of Holder of Decorative Kitchen Things. I gave Dad the go-ahead to take care of any little things he thinks might be easier at his house than at mine, including futzing with the doors; I'm not sure what I'll find on Thursday, but I'm excited to find out. Whatever it is, I'll report back.