Sunday, November 14, 2010

12 of 12: November

Welcome to the second-to-last-ever (official) 12 of 12! This is the brainchild of Chad Darnell, who's been a generous and thoughtful host for however many years. Thanks, Chad!


 6:45 - Morning glamor shot. Ooh

6:47 - Soul-crushing winter darkness aside, waking up after the sunrise is SO MUCH BETTER.

7:46 - Not gonna lie: commuting (the) 101 through the Valley is a trek. But it's not so bad on a sunny, traffic-less Friday morning (ultra-depressing NPR reports of late notwithstanding).

8:35 - Welcome to Universal. We love our entretenimiento!

8:50 - Meet my pal the Hulk, who greets me at the bottom of the elevator every day. In my mind, his barely-contained rage at being replaced by Ben Stiller will someday simmer over, evidenced only by the smashed remains of a Little Fockers poster...but maybe that's just me.

 11:00 - Yeah, that Post-It says "Reading Pile."

12:14 - Actually, though, why didn't anybody tell me that I could work for a production company and write book reports all day?

1:15 - Clam chowder and a spinach salad for my Friday afternoon.

3:47 - Every afternoon for about two hours, the sun disappears behind the NBC Universal building. I feel like this must be some kind of metaphor.

5:36 - Partially empty parking garages freak me out. Too much Alias in my brain, I think.

9:30 - Reading The Historian in front of our roaring fire; truthfully, REM sleep commenced approximately .003 seconds after this. This is why I'm so awesome at parties.

11:37 - Aaaand killing one last picture, mostly for my mother, who wants to know what my new room looks like. Here, Mom!

See you next month.