Tuesday, October 12, 2010

12 of 12: October (Moving Day Eve Edition)

Welcome to the packing-up edition of 12 of 12, in which I prepare for and try not to stress out about tomorrow's big move to Los Angeles. Credit for 12 of 12 goes to one Chad Darnell, purveyor of this fine photo meme.


8:06 - Up.

8:07 - Sherlock says good morning, by which he actually means "please rub my tummy now."

 8:50 - I wait all year for day-after-Thanksgiving pie for breakfast, and you're telling me I could do this all the time? I just have to make a pie? WHAT.

9:10 - Streaky in-between-coats legs for a table I decided to paint purple—aubergine, really—because I figure there's nothing like a good home-improvement project while you're trying to move out of your actual home.

 10:47 - Drawer and desk, drying.

12:30 - Yes, this is a yellow mustard and yellow tomato sandwich with cheese. Only the best for me.

1:20 - The messy, unsettling, everything-is-everywhere stage of packing.

2:40 - Last night's Chuck is FAR more interesting than the proper ratio of clothes to boxes in my life. (Ooh, Sarah Walker wants to marry Chuck Bartowski! Can't say I blame her.)

 3:40 - Packing up the medicine cabinet; also, if you look carefully, the Tootsie Roll bank I got in second grade and still use as a change keeper.

4:29 - Fabio: seats down, doors open.

5:10 - Fabio: half-packed, with tons of room left over. Thank heavens for a hatchback car and an engineer dad.

6:18 - Pre-posting tomorrow's Austenacious, in anticipation of how much I'm not going to feel like posting when I get there.

P.S. 10:15 - Pie for dessert. Shhhh!