Sunday, November 14, 2010

12 of 12: November

Welcome to the second-to-last-ever (official) 12 of 12! This is the brainchild of Chad Darnell, who's been a generous and thoughtful host for however many years. Thanks, Chad!


 6:45 - Morning glamor shot. Ooh

6:47 - Soul-crushing winter darkness aside, waking up after the sunrise is SO MUCH BETTER.

7:46 - Not gonna lie: commuting (the) 101 through the Valley is a trek. But it's not so bad on a sunny, traffic-less Friday morning (ultra-depressing NPR reports of late notwithstanding).

8:35 - Welcome to Universal. We love our entretenimiento!

8:50 - Meet my pal the Hulk, who greets me at the bottom of the elevator every day. In my mind, his barely-contained rage at being replaced by Ben Stiller will someday simmer over, evidenced only by the smashed remains of a Little Fockers poster...but maybe that's just me.

 11:00 - Yeah, that Post-It says "Reading Pile."

12:14 - Actually, though, why didn't anybody tell me that I could work for a production company and write book reports all day?

1:15 - Clam chowder and a spinach salad for my Friday afternoon.

3:47 - Every afternoon for about two hours, the sun disappears behind the NBC Universal building. I feel like this must be some kind of metaphor.

5:36 - Partially empty parking garages freak me out. Too much Alias in my brain, I think.

9:30 - Reading The Historian in front of our roaring fire; truthfully, REM sleep commenced approximately .003 seconds after this. This is why I'm so awesome at parties.

11:37 - Aaaand killing one last picture, mostly for my mother, who wants to know what my new room looks like. Here, Mom!

See you next month.


Anonymous said...

Aw, great to see your new life! A fire, I'm jealous. (OK, yes, I have a fireplace, but do not understand the Art of Fire. Later, perhaps.)

Mom said...

Thanks for the room picture. Verrrry nice! Sherlock is pining for you. Mrrow.

Liz said...

H - Thanks!

Can I tell you that having a gas fireplace is kind of great? Coming from a woodstove kind of family, I was dubious--but our house is a total icebox (no need for insulation in SoCal, apparently?), and there is something wonderful about having instant fire when necessary.

Liz said...

Mom -

You're welcome.

Tell Sherlock I pine for him too...then give him his worm meds. From me!

Sarah said...

Why is it the second to last official one? Is it going away?

Liz said...

Yeah, Chad announced at the beginning of this year that 2010 is the last year he'll be hosting it--so I guess we could keep going, but it'll be unofficial.

Dogeared said...

So you've moved and have a new job now? (well, in November, not January...). I missed so much!

And yes, I'd be the same in parking garages - though thanks to Sydney, I now know how to escape. Fight, use car aerials, and have Daddy turn up with a gun in a slick car.

Sorry I'm late commenting - I wanted to wait until I'd got my own 12 of 12 up.