Sunday, December 12, 2010

12 of 12: December

Happy merry feliz 12 of 12! All credit to Chad Darnell, keeper and curator of the 12s. Enjoy!

8:35 - This is a visual represntation of the weekly moment where I try to convince myself that an hour and twenty minutes is totally enough time to make it to church on time, including shower and drive time. I think the ushers would disagree.

 8:50 - Not helping the punctuality situation: my roommate's late-night art project, a candy-assisted thank-you card/book for her Secret Santa beneficiary/victim. She had to give it away...why, again?

 8:52 - Loading up the candy book, some old-timey Dr. Pepper, and the recipient's favorite Do-Si-Do Girl Scout cookies. Out of season. Because my roommate's magical like that.

 9:47 - It seems that my thirty years of careful avoidance of the banana portion of the fruit-and-cream oatmeal pack was unnecessary all this time! Fake bananas in oatmeal are delicious!

11:09 - Admission of guilt: I wasn't totally excited about church this morning until I got there. Advent, man. Just TRY to stay apathetic.

12:34 - Tortillas. Cheese. Eggs. Salsa. Lunch.*

 1:47 - Seeing the light at the end of the Hemlock Ring. Only, um, 3500 stitches to go? Plus laughably complex bind-off?

 3:36 - Talking to my mom, I think.

 6:30 - Post-running dinner--this, simple and amazing--and Buffy. Willow approves.

8:15 - My down-the-street neighbors have Linus and Charlie Brown in their front yard! I don't know these people, but I would like to. Clearly, they are delightful.
8:34 - Packing for tomorrow's whirlwind--read: very short--trip to Vegas! Packin' my stilettoes and my bail money. By which I mean jammies and a toothbrush.

Happy holidays, people!

* It now occurs to me how gross this lunch looks. Sorry about that. Mmmm, brains!


Anonymous said...

Hey look! I'm right after you in the 12 of 12 list!

a) I wouldn't say your lunch looks like brains . . . more like . . . snot. But it sounds good!

b) Can't wait to see you over the holidays! We need to get together with Kristin: remember, winter beach trip is wintry (and minus lizards).

Erica M said...

Thanks for the recipe link to your dinner. Looks good!

lovesmukiwa said...

The hemlock ring is impressive!

Jill said...

OMG - The Hemlock Ring is stunning - beautiful!!

Have fun in Vegas (or "had"??)! Good luck!

Dogeared said...

Food and Buffy - all good! And I love that candy book - genius :D

Sorry my comment is late - I wanted to wait until my own 12 was up, before I visited everyone else's.