Sunday, September 03, 2006

Five Things About This Blog

1. This blog was a birthday present to me, from me. Well, it was free, but you know. It's the thought that counts. (I also gave myself a pair of shoes, which were...not free.)

2. Anybody who knows my brother may be familiar with his e-mail dispatches from around the world. The intent of this blog is similar--keeping friends and family updated, etc.--except that 99% of the posts will come from the wilds of Oakland. Also, it's bright pink, which is not true of my brother's e-mails.

3. The title is not an attempt to confuse; it's a lyric from the song "Pink Bullets," by The Shins.

4. I think that blogs in general are fascinating evidence of the self-centeredness of human nature, and yet here I am. I'm trying not to think too hard about the implications of that statement.

5. This blog is open to the public; feel free to read, not read, pass it on to others, or keep it to yourself. For now, I'm also accepting anonymous comments, so those without Blogger accounts can respond to my posts if they see fit.



Anonymous said...

"Five Things I like about This Blog"
1. Great writing
2.The Shins
5. Not just human nature...but ..the nature of humans.
Al's Dad

Liz said...

1. Thanks!
2. My favorite band, possibly ever.
3. One of my favorite conversation topics. I can go on and on and ON, as you'll notice.
4. That's why I started this--it's fun to keep people up to date with things that might not come up in conversation. Also to keep up with people I don't see often, like yourself.
5. Hee, we're self-centered. Totally. Which is why I love my blog.