Thursday, October 12, 2006

12 of 12: October

Happy 12 of 12 Day! For the uninitiated, 12 of 12 is an internet project started by TV writer (formerly of Alias fame; he's now on Crossing Jordan, I believe) Chad Darnell. On the twelfth of every month, people around the world take twelve pictures of their day and post them online.

Slightly self-absorbed in that extra-special bloggish way? Probably. Kind of addictive (to participate and to look at others' entries)? Yes.

So without further ado, a photo essay of my October 12:


I had a 9:30 doctor's appointment this morning, which gave me time for possibly the best morning ritual ever: reading in bed.

Revelation and Frosted Mini Wheats: plenty of fiber and a healthy dose of apocalyptic symbolism. Breakfast of champions.

9:30, Optical Sales, Kaiser Oakland.

Look! No glasses!

Squash, leek, and pesto pizza; also, a discussion of silly regional pronunciations. (Note to Christine: The other one was worse. Really.)

Bask in the glamor of algebra manuscript!

My genuine Louisiana alligator, brought back by my editor from her native Baton Rouge. It's sitting on a model box from the origami book I edited.

The perfect post-work moment: knitting with my Jewish fake-news boyfriend.

The sidewalk-sale table at Walden Pond books.

On the scale at Weight Watchers. I am officially .4 pounds lighter than I was last Thursday.

Sunset from my living room.

Next month: 12 of 12, the November edition! Same bat time, same bat channel. If I don't forget, that is.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a cool idea!


Sarita said...

Oh man, i LOVE reading in bed. I haven't in such a long time. I really should do that some morning soon.

Christine O said...

I'm impressed that you lost weigh after all the sugar- and fat-laden treats I've been bringing into the office. Good work outta you! :-)

I now know that I should run away as fast as possible when Kendra picks up a camera.

beth said...

Great pics!

Do you like WW? My health plan offers great deals on it and I'm considering...

Bonnie said...

I thought he was MY Jewish fake-news boyfriend! Hmph!

Great 12 of 12. See you next month!


Liz said...

To Beth: I do like WW, if anyone really "likes" a diet. It's reasonable, it's nutritionally safe, I don't feel all that restricted by it (but I'm also not super-disciplined about it, so...), and it's effective when I stay on program. If you're thinking about it, I'd recommend it.