Friday, January 12, 2007

12 of 12: January

12 of 12: Chad Darnell; 12th of the month; 12 photos; fun for all!

7:30 - I am a little ray of sunshine in the morning. (Actually, I am. But this is pre-breakfast, so what more do you want from me?)

7:35 - Honey-Nut Shredded Wheat: tasty and Weight Watchers-friendly. One cup, plus a few extra. I cheat.

8:32 - My 12-minute commute.

9:17 - A morning trip to Starbucks with Holly, Donna, and Tom. I don't do coffee, but I do do morning walks.

11: 27 - Transcribing notes from a conference call. Wooooo!

3:15 - The New York Times Sunday crossword; note that it's pretty much finished. That probably took Editorial and Production a week's worth of lunchtimes.

5:09 - After work, a quick trip to the library--I needed to return a book I thought I'd lost, and also get a particular video. They waived the Lost Book fee, which was nice. I'm happy to be back on speaking terms with the OPL.

6:44 - This Mason Dixon Ballband Dishcloth is supposed to be easy, but, predictably, it's fighting me at every row. It's sort of ridiculous, but I WILL TRIUMPH.

8:13 - It's the magic risotto! With peas and shitake mushrooms, and a little bit of parmesan and a ton of chicken stock. Possibly my favorite food of all time; definitely a perfect quiet-night-in dish.

10:30 - Let's hear it for the silent WWI movies! I'm starting a project for Cinema Hype in which I'll be watching and writing about all of the Oscar Best Picture winners in chronological order. This was the very first one, Wings, from 1927. Good movie.

11:10 - Mmmm, Jane Eyre. Charlotte Bronte gets so breathless about everything; it's sort of cute. Jane Austen would either have rolled her eyes or just patted her on the head.

11:37 - Sexay.


Anonymous said...

Very cool pics! :)

Your sheets are cute!

Helen said...

I love risotto - I make a veggie one with vegetable stock, peppers (usually 2 out of red, yellow or orange - sometimes green), courgette (zucchini to you guys) and red onion. Instead of Parmesan though, I melt in slightly salted butter - and oh my. Must use arborio rice though, the stodgy starch in it adds to the creaminess.

And you have a pretty library!

Helen (fellow 12 of 12er)

bon said...

Very nice! Glad the library treated you well. ;)

Maria said...

clever girl. would edith wharton been invited to that tea party? love the pics.

Zippy said...

Risotto....yum! I swear, looking at everyone's 12 of 12 this month is making me hungry!

What a cool project to watch all the Oscar winning Best Pictures! Hmmm....that goes on my list of things to do...


Lipp said...

Very cool Oscar project, have fun!

Liz said...

Hmmm. Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, and Edith Wharton? Now there's a celebrity death match for the ages. I've since been informed that Charlotte Bronte disliked Austen, which sort of makes sense. And Wharton would just be doing her own thing--maybe more along the lines of Austen, I suppose, though she's not quite as far removed as Jane liked to be.