Monday, February 12, 2007

12 of 12: February

February 12! Chad Darnell; 12 photos; fun for all!

7:00 - Aaaaand I'm up. Kind of. Don't mock the Sneetch.

7:09 - Maple-brown-sugar shredded wheat; skim milk; four points!

7:42 - Finishing touches. Better than not, I guess.

8: 45 - Returning a screener DVD to a friend. It was, indeed, "something."

9:51 - Walking down to the Evil Empire of Coffee; note the sun in this picture.

11:00 - Break on the lunch room couch with Rebecca and a rice cake with peanut butter. Yum.

4:40 - Note the pouring rain in this picture; compare and contrast with earlier Starbucks photo. Who has two thumbs and left her jacket at home? This girl!

5:55 - Perfect, flat rainy-day water at the lake; sadly, crew practice was cancelled anyway. However: almost not totally dark at 6:00! It's practically summer!

6:12 - Calling my mommy

7:22 - Rocking the antioxidants: tomato and red pepper soup and a chopped mango for dinner

7:36 - Watching the current Project 501 movie, All Quiet on the Western Front (1930). Bummer, man.

8:52 - Writing my Western Front review and looking forward to see what's next

10:14 - Winding down with some polish and Studio 60. Is this photo repellent? I don't have foot issues, but I've got to say that my February feet aren't so appealing.

Next month, same bat time, same bat channel.


Anonymous said...

Very cool. Love the pictures!

Dogeared said...

I love the lake photo! The reflection is cool :D

Liz said...