Sunday, May 13, 2007

12 of 12: May

Sooper-speshul Saturday 12 of 12! Very exciting in theory; not really all that exciting in practice. But:

8: 15 - The obligatory waking-up picture. We've moved on to cotton sheets and tank tops this month, which is a step up, I'd say.

9:30 - My new, semi-bad weekend habit: lazing around in bed with my computer. Wireless and a functioning laptop battery have ruined me for anything productive before 11 a.m.

12: 15 - Post-haircut. The temptation to somehow Photoshop in some lipstick here was absolutely absurd. Note to self: in future, do not look like well-styled zombie in photos.

12: 27 - Wandering the streets of Alameda after the haircut. Alameda's like Stars Hollow--every time I get my hair cut there, they always seem to be having a festival of some kind. It's kind of bizarre.

12:34 - Thrift-shopping for a bit.

12:42 - Nanette Lepore? In Alameda?

1:12 - Testing out a new taqueria with a vegetarian burrito. All taquerias must win me over with an acceptable veggie burrito--only after they've shown their trustworthiness with beans and rice can we move on to meat (chicken, then carnitas if they're really good). My burrito was huge, but not super-authentic. Real burritos shouldn't have cheddar cheese in them.

3:32 - A trip to the Target in San Leandro. I like it better than the fancy two-story one in Albany (though Albany's escalator for carts makes it a close contest). This one has a more diverse clientele, and has yet to fail me in the area of DVDs under $10. Thumbs up, San Leandro!

4: 25 - On the way home from Target. A sunny day in the Bay Area.

7:40 - Lasagna for dinner with my friends Helen and Bill, and then...

10:23 - to the Starry Plough for some music! This is the Shelley Doty X-tet. They were good.

11:47 - Plum Crazy, who were talented, funk-wise, but also a little jam-bandish for my taste.

Good weekend, all!


FrauP said...

Very nice pics. Thanks for sharing. I like your hair cut.


Anonymous said...

Great pics! :) And I love the haircut!

SeƱora CC said...

I agree - fab haircut. I love festivals; always some good clean fun to be had. Wow - that was one huge burrito! I miss the tex-mex and authentic mexican here is Spain...they just can't get any of the flavors right. Looks like a good day. Great post!
~ CC

Teri said...

What a great background on your laptop!

Anonymous said...

You're growing it longer! I like it. It hasn't been this long since that dusty soccer picture on the cork board near the phone, right? [Ben]

Dogeared said...

I like the thrift store photo, such brightly coloured clothes! And nice haircut :-)

Helen (12 of 12er, "Dogeared")

Glenna C said...

Nice haircut, and that looks like a good day of shopping/eating/visiting! Yum all around.

Zippy said...

Great haircut! Looks like you had a fun day and that seriously is one huge burrito!