Tuesday, August 14, 2007

12 of 12: August

What kind of 12-of-12er can't get her pictures up by the 13th, at the latest? The kind with too much to do and a suspiciously buggy-feeling wireless connection, that's who. Think of this as...a fond recollection of the weekend, okay?

What's 12 of 12, you ask? I never explained it, you say (as accused, wrongly, by my brother)? See here.

9:02 - A new twist on the waking-up photo: overhead! Also note that a 9:00 alarm is so much better than a 7:00 alarm (but it's kind of alarming--ha!--that I can't even manage to be conscious by 9:00 without help. How can I call myself a morning person?).

9:55 - I promised the novice coach at my rowing club that I'd cox for his Sunday learn-to-row class, so here we all are on the dock. And yes, that coxswain's seat is actually as small as it looks.

12:47 - Off to Berkeley!

12:56 - Corner of 65th and San Pablo; lost/misplaced and calling my cousin for directions.

1:03 - Found it! Heading to the back yard for....

1:05 - ....Alyson's surprise birthday party! Happy birthday, Alyson!

2:43 - The birthday girl and her cakes.

3:17 - Taking a "swing through" Sephora, if a "swing through" includes inching around the Bay Street parking garage (counterclockwise), squeezing into a space, testing every black eye pencil in the store, erasing the test marks, forgetting which one I'd liked best, re-testing them all, standing in line, paying for parking, and inching around the parking garage (clockwise).

3:30 - Eyeliner tests. Winner: Urban Decay, far right.

4:46 - Plums from the icebox. I was not saving them for breakfast, but they were in fact delicious, so sweet and so cold.

5:10 - Note to self: Church is not the time to be setting up elaborate photographs. Hence the blurry.

9:27 - Birthday party #2! Apple crisp and presents for my mom. Happy birthday, Mom!

Next month: same bat time, same bat channel, possibly on time.


Teri said...

Mmmmm, apple crisp.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Two parties in one day! Special! :)

Dogeared said...

Ooh, rowing! I tried dragon boat racing once, that was fun! And the seat on that boat was high up and basically a small wooden square attached to a wooden upright - my legs were positively clamped around that drum! (the drum you banged to keep time for the rowers).

And that swing through story made me chuckle ;-)

Helen, 12 of 12er ("Dogeared" Blog)

James said...

When you say "my cousin" I think you mean the most awesome cousin to ever walk the earth, or something similarly laudatory and awe-inspring. But that is just one cousin's opinion, and when I say opinion I mean the most awesome opinion ever opined . . . ummm . . . ever!

Kendra said...

Love the William Carlos Williams reference. Wonder if you have read the retort from Erica-Lynn Gambino. Not as good as the original (my opinion), but fun nonetheless.

This is Just to Say
(for W.C.W.)

I have just
asked you to
get out of my

even though
you never
I would

Forgive me
you were
me insane