Thursday, October 11, 2007

What if you didn't have to be dead?: Why I love Pushing Daisies and you should, too

1. No beating around the bush. Ned likes Chuck. Chuck likes Ned. Ned can't touch Chuck, but he lets her move into his apartment, where they bake pies and sleep in twin beds. The end. Or, rather, the beginning.

2. Emerson Cod knits sweater vests and cozies for his handguns and his stacks of money. He doesn't like to knit in public, but he keeps a set of needles in his pocket, just in case.

3. Chuck's clothes. Serious sundress envy, here. Rumor has it she wears orange next week!

4. Lee Pace is adooooorable.

5. It has a whimsical orchestral score and a Gothic narrator.

6. Kristin Chenoweth is Hopelessly Devoted to You. And Ned. And Digby the dog. THERE ARE NO WORDS.

7. It's not like anything you've seen on TV before. Trust me.

Wednesday nights! 8 p.m.! ABC! Experience the adorable weirdness for yourself!


Sarah said...

I luuurrrrvved it so much when she sang "Hopelessly Devoted To You." It was an awesome TV moment. I kind of couldn't believe it was happening, and she totally sold it.

Liz said...

I know. She started singing, and I was thinking " she really going to sing the whole....oh, I guess she is." But, you know, if you have a really weird show, you can kind of do whatever you want. And when you've got Kristin Chenoweth on your cast, you may as well let her sing. (Also, I loved the overhead shot of her and the floor guy "dancing.") So much fun!