Sunday, January 13, 2008

12 of 12: January

Happy New Year, and here's to 144 new photos in 2008!

8:44 - Waking up alarm-free = best thing ever.

11:30 - Mom's coming to visit. She totally loves my cleaning habits. (I have, however, moved past the stage where I'd literally clear a path from the door to my bed. This is progress.)

12:28 - Better. (And yes, those are new sock monkey slippers, and yes, they are my favorite thing ever.)

1:43 - We are ladies. We lunch.

2:07 - How are yarn stores not the most-photographed thing ever? They're so pretty. If I were a photographer, I'd do a coffee table book: Yarn Stores of the World.

2:09 - Mom picking out yarn, a Christmas present from me.

3:36 - Finishing a mitten in a fit of yarn-store-inspired inspiration. (That's the thumb I'm working on.)

5:02 - In line at Trader Joe's.

5:03 - Movie-party food (pepper jack, smoked gouda, a baguette, and chopped pineapple and mango). What did we do before there was Trader Joe's?

5:10 - I love the Grand Lake from the bottom of my heart, but sometimes I think they're a little like that crazy person who corners you at a social gathering and tells you all about how the Masons killed JFK.

5:17 - Sadly, the sunset behind the Golden Gate Bridge doesn't really translate at 60 mph. It's pretty, I promise.

11:40 - Yes, that is my friend Luke and that is his lightsaber, which lights up and makes funny "wonnnnnnng...wonnnnnnnng" noises. We were watching Star Wars. (All of them in a row, which I swear isn't a pattern. It's a long story.)

Next month: February!


Scooter said...

That picture of the light saber is toooo cool. Thanks for sharing your day.

Glenna C said...

I want to write that coffee table book with you :)

Bonnie said...

LOVE the light saber!

Dogeared said...

That coffee book sounds a great idea!

And how odd, we don't usually see light sabre pics, and this 12 of 12, you're the second one!

Lipp said...

Dogeared beat me to that comment. Interesting that it's 2 Star wars 12's in a row.

As I've said before, Your theater cracks me up!

Susan said...

guess it is good I didn't go to TJs on Saturday....looks like everyone else was there! lol!! and I agree about the yarn stores. I can't knit to save my life but LOVE looking at and feeling all the wonderful yarns!

JPWK said...

You're qualified: just do the yarn book! Make millions. JPWK Frederick, MD, USA (12of12er)