Tuesday, February 12, 2008

12 of 12: February

Another month, another 12. I say this like I don't forget half the time, but I remembered this month, which is totally something.

7:02 - Up.

7:13 - A moment with some apple-cinnamon oatmeal and Psalms 31 and 32.

7:57 - Well, Grand Lake Theater, I might stop photographing you if you'd stop being so entertainingly nutty (though not necessarily wrong).

9:59 - Meet BookMaster, Publishing Software Extraordinaire circa 1992. Also my company's tech-help program and my fake pet alligator, brought to me from Baton Rouge by a coworker.

12:31 - Lunch! Veggie and havarti on whole wheat and weird instant miso-noodle soup.

3:15 - Edit-entry-induced haze calls for a trip to local cookie den coffee shop.

5:17 - Off to meet a friend for a walk at the lake. We may be the seventh most violent city in the nation, but we do a fine sunset, no?

7:25 - I'd like to shake the hand of the person who invented Trader Joe's refrigerated pizza dough. Here we have garlic, spinach, and black pepper pizza with black cherry tomatoes(!), which is heavenly, if you didn't know.

7:30 - If you have to take a copyediting test in your spare time and you find the whole thing strangely relaxing...you might be an editorial nerd. Or, I suppose, a redneck.

7:46 - What a great news day!

7:52 - Mmmmm, pizza and fake news.

8:37 - Normally I'd want a prettier copy of East of Eden, but somehow I ended up with the old 1955 movie tie-in version, and the cover illustration of James Dean staring pensively at the grass will never not be funny to me. They say this Steinbeck fellow can write, though. (Kidding. I adore Steinbeck.)

Next month: March!


Xerxes said...

How about starting 29 on Feb 29? Of course you would probably forget by the time the next leap year comes around.

Glenna C said...

It's wrong that I looked at that gorgeous lake photo and thought "that's weird, there's no snow...." ;)

I need to remember to do this again! Maybe in March I'll get back to it.

Christine O. said...

How is it that that alligator doesn't make you constantly yelp with girly screams? Looks like a lizard from afar.

Love the Lake Merritt photo.

Liz said...

Xerxes, I think 29 of 29 would be the death of me. I recently tried to do 1-11 of 1-11 (because I kept forgetting to do 12 of 12, so I decided to work up to it), and it was disastrous. Photographing your life is intense!

Liz said...

Glenna, that IS wrong. Sunny California: where winter's 50 degrees!

Liz said...


You'd think so, wouldn't you? But, I don't know, he's fake. Although I keep telling myself he's just *like* a lizard, so that maybe real lizards won't seem so terrifying. It's a desensitization method. Or something.

Lipp said...

Old books just taste better : )

Scooter said...

What great pix. I especially enjoyed the scene from the river.

Dogeared said...

I love the lake photo - just lovely! Mmm, I want pizza. Tomatoey tomatoey pizza. And black cherry tomatoes?? I'd never heard of them!

Liz said...

Helen, I found them at Trader Joe's--they're this weird purple-green color. And they're delicious. Who knew?

Ben said...

You say it's an alligator, but we all know that it's a lizard.