Sunday, July 13, 2008

12 of 12: July

Aren't weekend 12 of 12s the best? Late, yes--what, stop my rousing of rabbles to post?--but you know what they say. For more on the history and culture of the 12 of 12 art project, check out Chad Darnell's blog.

On with the show:

8:40 - Sometimes I think these waking-up pictures are a great idea. This month, not so much.

8:55 - A friend once said that watching Dr. Who constituted some kind of basic boundary of true geekdom. Apparently I've crossed the bar.

11:37 - Leftovers from Cha Am, updating iTunes, and half-watching Rachael Ray, all of which seems like a luxurious kind of weekend time-sink.

12:40 - Fiction section, Lakeview Branch, Oakland Public Library. Kind of a quandary: checked out the much-awaited The Namesake, by Jhumpa Lahiri; am actually more in the mood for a re-read of Haven Kimmel's The Solace of Leaving Early. Hence the indecisively empty Goodreads widget.

12:52 - Grand Lake farmers' market, home of all kinds of peachy (and other) deliciousness.

1:20 - The open road, 880 South, Hayward.

2:12 - The open road, 17 South, Santa Cruz Mountains, Los Gatos-ish.

2:34 - Meet Mount Hermon, summer camp extraordinaire, weekend-getaway spot, the true Happiest Place on Earth, geographic love of my life.

4:05 - Wine tasting at Bonny Doon Vineyard. Tasty despite a basic difference of opinion (they specialize in reds; I'm into whites and occasionally pinks).

4:13 - Mini-break pals Kendra and Amy (my Hips, as in "attached at the") and Hip Husband Tim, still at Bonny Doon.

5:40 - Crazy Mount Hermon Saturday-night buffet dinner; we used to eat the leftovers on staff. (I'm now realizing that this all looks completely unappetizing. Butternut squash, coconut-crusted mahi mahi, some kind of corn pudding, dessert; some food photographer I am!)

6:55 - Waiting with Kendra in the car at Long's while Amy and Tim run inside. Sometimes people just need soap and a birthday card, you know?

And the rest, well, it's a mystery, photographically. I was too busy off having fun. Happy July, all.

Next month: same bat time, same bat channel.


Anonymous said...

THat looks like a fun day! I did participate this time but just havent updated yet. Must do that.

Pete said...

Don't worry, you don't cross the line into total Geekdom until you start watching the OLD Doctor Who series from the 60s-1989 :)

Anonymous said...

haha, I went wine tasting for my 12 of 12 too.

Lipp said...

Always great to go back & dine at a place you slaved!

Ben said...

Oh, Mount Hermon! I'm sooo jealous. My kingdom for a redwood!

Dogeared said...

Yay, Doctor Who! And I just joined Goodreads (as you saw, with the friends request, lol - I found it on Joni's 12 of 12).

Xerxes said...

So I guess I am a totaly geek! Althgough not as bad as the guy I went to HS with who wore in public his Tom Baker DR Who Scarf!

It's great having a camp to call home, my family's "Mount Hermon" is Fort Wilderness in Northern Wisconsin. Currently both my daughters are up there working.