Saturday, September 13, 2008

12 of 12: September

Welcome to September twelve of twelve, also known as 108-120 of 144. Twelfth of the month, twelve pictures. For more on the myth and the madness, check out the master, Chad Darnell.

7:05 - Foggy Fridays are not my best wake-up days.

8:03 - Everything a girl needs for one day at work and two days away. (There is an actual Tivo in that box. And cold pizza in that foil. Never take me backpacking.)

8:05 - What is this Indian summer of which you speak?

8:12 - Illegible Grand Lake drive-by. Approximate transliteration: "Screw the man! Free popcorn Monday through Thursday!"

10:45 - Morning break with misshapen pizza and everybody's favorite papal-history page-turner.

1:06 - More pizza, this time round. With arugula, red onions, gorgonzola, toasted walnuts, and balsamic glaze, and why does everybody keep asking whether I'm in California?

2:30 - Whoever invented Friday-afternoon meetings is not in my good graces. Christine, however, is always in my good graces.

6:00 - Crossing the erector-set bridge on the way to my parents'. We're road-tripping to a family reunion mini-break weekend.

6:13 - At Long's, agonizing over toenail polish and pondering the ideal intersection of cheapness, color selection, and chip resistance.

6:17 - Chugging up the hill to my parents' house, where all attempts to progress past third gear will be sorely resented.

6:25 - Trying to be artsy while Alex a) refuses to sit still and b) ignores me completely. All other behavior would be a betrayal of the species.

6:52 - Ragin' Apricot? Hot Apricot? Nuclear Apricot? Something.


Anonymous said...

*very* cute color for the toes!

Dogeared said...

Hee Tivo and cold pizza for a weekend away - that's my kind of trip! ;-)

HeHa said...

Ha! Not only both Benicians, but the same neighborhood to boot. I'm on Hastings

Stacy said...

glad your toes are better.

Liz said...


Thanks! I've been craving something bright.

Liz said...


Amen! The Tivo is actually for my parents--I got a dual-tuner one for my birthday (thanks to a scheduling conflict between Bones and Pushing Daisies) and my parents said they'd give the old one a good home.

And the pizza, well, everybody needs pizza!

Liz said...


That's so weird! Without giving an exact location, so as to not be internet-stalked by people clearly less awesome than yourself, I'll say that I'm really close to Hastings, up in the "author" streets. Crazy!

Liz said...


Aww, thanks! I'm still not *quite* wearing shoes yet, but they do look a lot better, and they mostly don't hurt. Yay.

Xerxes said...

Actually you don't need to TiVo either, just go on line and watch them. ABC and Fox both put the episodes on their sites the next day.

Ben said...

Alex looks like he's lost weight. Or maybe it's just the fact that most of his body wasn't in the picture. Mrrrow?