Saturday, December 20, 2008

Strange Fruit, indeed

Instant tears of hilarity, every time.

You can hear the whole essay, along with pieces by Anne Lamott and Sarah Vowell, here.


Anonymous said...

Liz, this is yet another reason that I wish I'd spent more time hanging out with you in college when I had ready access to you!

I just read Sedaris' book, Me Talk Pretty One Day. I laughed a lot!

Liz said...


It really is too bad that we live so far away. Think of all the fun! (Also, why *didn't* we hang out more in college? Tragic!)

I have a complicated mental relationship with DS--I don't always love him, though he's growing on me as I hear him on the radio, and I love his sister for reasons I can't really explain--but his Billie Holiday voice had me in tears at work the other day. Also, my favorite essay in Me Talk Pretty One Day is the last one, about his dad and expiration dates, because my dad TOTALLY DOES THAT. Oh, David Sedaris. You are bizarre, and I think I might like you.