Monday, September 14, 2009

12 of 12: September

I feel like the occasional weekend 12 of 12 makes up for all those entries when it's a random Wednesday and I'm all, "Hey! Guys! Look at these pictures of my cat!" So much the better, then, that this month there's weekend travel involved: a much-planned, much-discussed sort-of-birthday-but-really-just-because trip to New York with Sarah.

As always, credit/blame for any and all 12 of 12 madness goes to Chad Darnell.

8:17 - Morning in "my" room--my cousin's old bedroom, which I adore--at my aunt and uncle's house.

11:38 - On the Metro North train to Grand Central with Sarah, watching the Bronx go by and eavesdropping on the people around us.

12:00 - The main hall of Grand Central never ceases to amaze. I love it for its green, astrology-themed ceiling and for its flippy schedule boards and for its excellent signage. Also for the time I saw a huge crowd of little girls in matching Jonas Brothers concert t-shirts corralled by the world's two most long-suffering mothers.

12:27 - Sarah (right) and I (left) met up with Lauren (middle) for lunch as part of Lauren's continuing mission to introduce me to every delicious and/or Broadway-relevant restaurant in the Theater District.

12:40 - The girls had normal food. I had comically large nachos.

2:13 - The holy grail of New York bookstores. Haul: The Final Solution, by Michael Chabon; When You Are Engulfed in Flames, by David Sedaris; a small and beautiful letterpress edition of the love poems of Pablo Neruda; and a Strand bag.

3:36 - Still there, in the half-price basement. You don't hurry through eighteen miles of books, okay?

5:06 - On a rainy day in the Village, what could be better than a window seat and some (admittedly not very chocolate-y) hot chocolate? Sarah agrees.

6:11 - I hereby declare this the best 12 of 12 ever, simply by virtue of PUPPIES! at a pet store on Christopher St.

7:34 - Back uptown for Bye Bye Birdie, still in previews. Verdict: John Stamos is unreasonably good-looking and wears suspenders very well; Gina Gershon should not be singing in public, period; Bill Irwin is not as famous as his talent indicates that he should be. In other news, I continue to think that being a Broadway chorus member must be the most fun job of all time.

11:03 - Stage door from afar, which is what happens when small talk with famous people is unappealing (Me: "BFFs or nothing!") or when you'd just rather not spoil the illusion of your favorites (Sarah: "But what if Bill Irwin isn't nice? Even if he is singing 'Happy Birthday' to that girl?").

11:50 - Seven whole grains on a mission or no (apparently their ad campaign on This American Life made an impact on me?), I do appreciate Kashi's presence in my hour of dire hunger. Thanks, Kashi!

Thanks, New York.


bilunabirotunda said...

Cute 12 of 12! Though is this not on your regular camera? They all look grainy, somehow - ? Love the photo of Sarah drinking hot chocolate especially. (Hey, you had hot chocolate too!) And that bedroom looks out-of-this-world pretty.

Xerxes said...


Love the book store, I want one like that in the Chicago area!

Looking at puppies, what would Sherlock say?

Sarah said...

Wait, but...isn't Bill Irwin pretty famous? Or is that just to me? He's a Tony winner and is all over the theater world. Huh.

Liz said...


Thanks! You're right; they ARE grainy. It's my same camera, though; I think I'll just chalk it up to some kind of metaphor for the grit and grime of New York. Or something.

I love my cousin's old room/aunt and uncle's guest room--it's very pretty and has lots of books, and it is just the best place to collapse after the whole work/bus/New York/train ordeal.

Liz said...

X -

The Strand really is pretty fabulous. But surely there must be some total behemoth bookstore in Chicago, too? You all read, right?

Oh, gosh. If there were a dog around, Sherlock would be under the bed for the duration, poor guy. I wouldn't do that to him.

Liz said...


Yeah, no, I didn't mean Bill Irwin isn't famous; I meant that we didn't stage door partly BECAUSE he's famous and I don't like making small talk with famous people. Right? Or am I misunderstanding your comment?

Dogeared said...

Puppies make everything better. But yay for seeing NYC!

Sorry I’m late in replying! I only got my own 12 of 12 up on Thursday!

Helen (Dogeared)

Bellacantare said...

That was my train ride every morning while t was in NY last September. It was my first trip ever to NY and everyone told me before I left that I would be overwhelmed by all the tall buildings in the city. But truthfully, while every part of the trip was awesome, the only place I was truely in awe of was Grand Central Station. And I got to pass through it at least twice every day. Very cool.

So glad you had an awesome trip AND that it was on the 12th!