Saturday, March 13, 2010

12 of 12: March

What has two thumbs, speaks limited French, and didn't forget 12 of 12?

All credit/blame for the twelve-photo obsession goes to Chad Darnell. He started it.

8:15 - Up; not quite at 'em.

8:41 - Nothing like starting the day off with a ten-minute Lady Gaga/Beyonce lesbian prison-movie music video, right? Yet Sherlock appears unimpressed.

9:22 - Packing for a weekend in LA. Jewelry bag: check. Makeup bag: check. Knitting bag: check. Round brush: check. Laptop cord: check. Well-intentioned but unnecessary running shoes: check check.

10:38 - Heading over the Altamont Pass and into the valley.

11:05 - Green hills, orange wildflowers. Say what you will about I-5; it's a total showoff in the spring.

11:30 - Somewhere between nowhere and nowhere (or rather, Santa Nella and Harris Ranch), central California.

1:28 - Bringing fries along after lunch at In-N-Out (#2, protein-style, with grilled onions); oddly, they weren't good, and I didn't finish them.

2:17 - Post-Kettleman City, pre-Grapevine. More wildflowers.

3:00 - At last, the Grapevine. It's like a reward.

4:15 - Waiting on a light in Van Nuys on the way to visit recent California transplant Sharon.

8:08 - Mango and blackberry sorbets at Sharon's; I like how sorbet offers the dual illusions of ice cream and virtue.

11:42 - My final destination: hanging with Kendra and roomies for the weekend. Worth the drive!


Anonymous said...

Man, that is a lot of central CA! However, I notice you kept *both hands* on the wheel for the grapevine. Good job! Was it blooming, though? It is so gorgeous then.

Hope you have a good weekend!

Dogeared said...

I liked the little roadtrip, so we could see what CA is like! Enjoy the weekend away!

Xerxes said...

Yea Liz you remembered! Hope you had a great weekend. Any activity on the writing front?

Liz said...

H - I did indeed. The Grapevine is intense and not for photographing while driving. Heh. I didn't see a ton of flowers in the mountains, actually; it was more the valley that was going nuts. Pretty!

Liz said...

Dogeared (whom I now realize is also H!) - Thanks! Glad you liked it, since you're always providing such lovely photos of your own neck of the woods. :)

Liz said...

X - I did have a great weekend. Good friends and warm weather = excellence all around.

I HAVE had some activity on the writing front; I've finished the first draft of my pilot and am now in the process of making it not terrible. Very satisfying!