Sunday, June 13, 2010

12 of 12: June

Summer weekend 12 of 12! Rock on. For more, hit up Chad Darnell.

8ish: Awake. Housesitting again.

9ish: Taking Milo, my housemate for the week, out for a run. PSA: the "dog in one hand, Fresh Air in the other, while running" model is an exercise in multi-tasking.

10ish: Waiting for my water to boil with an issue of Craft: so old that they were...still making a magazine. Because there's nothing better after a run in ninety-degree weather than a nice, hot breakfast?

11ish: The very last episode of The Wire. I'm so glad to have seen it, and I won't forget it, but do not watch this show unless you are prepared to feel some feelings, people.

1ish: I point out my lunch (tomatoes and ricotta on toast with poached eggs) entirely for the purpose of boasting about my first-ever successful execution of the lauded but risky-sounding whirlpool method.

3ish: Fresh lemonade with fresh mint, Four Corners Cafe, San Pablo Ave. at Solano. So good that I walked six blocks each way and sat in their un-air-conditioned cafe to drink it.

4ish: Lemonade-fueled work flurry.

5ish: Walking Milo around Albany, land of cute tiny houses and spectacular gardens.

7ish: Adorability ensues: My friends Al and Ellen's thirty-seventh wedding anniversary. With cake!

8ish: The sunset through my dirty windshield.

8:30ish: Freeway, Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate Bridge at dusk. In that order.

9ish: Christine making popcorn. From scratch! It's like a science experiment! Yield: baseball and Anne of Green Gables, in that order.

Happy summer, all!


Anonymous said...

a) Possibly your cutest wake up picture yet! I vote this for profile pic!

b) Very pretty flower pic. Good job! ;-)

c) Christine is racing through the Annes, isn't she? It's so cute!

Jill said...

Popcorn AND Anne Shirley?!? Sounds like a perfect night!

TJ said...

Really enjoyed your 12 of 12 photos. I really liked the gladiola and especially liked the sunset. Thanks for sharing I look forward to seeing next months photos...

Xerxes said...

I agree, your wake up picture is very cute!

Dogeared said...

That's gotta be some mighty lemonade for the walk and un-AC!

And mmm, pop corn. And poached eggs...

(I was horrendously late putting my 12 of 12 up, but they are now. I held off on commenting so that people knew when I left a comment, my own was up – the only way I could think of to let people know when I posted!

Anonymous said...

Like Helen, I'm soooo far behind. Hi! Nice 12.
" not watch this show unless you are prepared to feel some feelings, people"

FEEL some FEELINGS. hehehehehe