Tuesday, July 13, 2010

12 of 12: July (Summer Camp Edition)

Happy mid-July, everybody! For more 12 of 12, check out Chad Darnell—it's his baby.

8:08 - Waking up at my aunt's house in Santa Cruz.

9:13 - This day sponsored by anti-Plague pills and hopes that my summer cold isn't really tuberculosis, like in a Eugene O'Neill play.

9:30 - The actual, literal happiest place on Earth. I don't care what Disneyland told you.

10:11 - Outside at camp, listening to the morning speaker as the fog burns off.

10:30 - My summer camp is better than your summer camp because my summer camp makes donuts from scratch every morning.

10:45 - Giant Slip-n-Slide on the rec field! My pal Olivia's out there somewhere.

12:40 - Down the road at the world's greatest taqueria, Taqueria Vallarta.

2:30 - Random boating, because we are at camp.

2:32 - Olivia, Amy, me,  and Tim on Zayante Creek. We are, it turns out, terrible boaters.

5:12 - Playing Shanghai before dinner, in which I almost win, but we run out of time.

6:59 - In the so-called Pretty Potty, known mostly for the giant summer staff after-hours dance party the custodial staff threw (throws?) there annually. You'd be amazed.

9:15 - Highway 17, Los Gatos. Heading home.


Anonymous said...

VALLARTA! Go Vallarta! Woo woo! Did you feel the spirit of Erik asking for his veggie burrito, extra sour cream and no avocado? Drinking your Mexican Coke?

Sounds like a lovely day in any case. Hope you are feeling better, and looking forward to seeing you.

TJ said...

Summer camp looks a lot better then I remember but then again for me that was a really long time ago. Anyway, it looks like you have a great time. Thanks for sharing your day through your photos. See you around for next months 12 of 12

Dogeared said...

Oh, those white doughnuts look good! Mmmm... doughnuts.

lovesmukiwa said...

What I would do for Mexican food.........