Tuesday, April 12, 2011

12 of 12: April

Heyyyy, 12 of 12! Credit to Chad Darnell, guru and gracious host.


7:34 - Up, suspiciously early for a sleep-in day. 

8:10 - Out for a run. Looking  a little hippy, there, shadow! What gives?

8:16 - Running down Triunfo Canyon Road, which I always call TRIUNFO! Canyon Road, emphasis on the TRIUNFO!

9:13 - There is nothing quite like the realization that you are shaving your legs with the equivalent of a bladeless twig, and that Target sells a six-month supply for like $7.

10:11 - If there was ever a question, this grocery list in progress is further proof that I am my father's daughter.

11:47 - Cramming my eighteen pounds of groceries into a single basket, as you do, because using a cart is so much lamer than hunchbacking it around the store with an overloaded basket. Obviously.

12:15 - Throwing together some Sweet Pea and Tuna Salad for a few days' worth of lunches, and listening to everything on my iTunes with a listened-to rate of exactly one. Recommendations: Find some hidden treasures, and follow up with a mint or twelve.

12:50 - Yesterday, I used the last of my Christmas gift cards to buy Tina Fey's new book. (Thanks, Brydon!) The problem, here, is that I have things to do, and now I don't want to do any of them. I just want to read hilarious and embarrassing, yet oddly uplifting, stories about growing up and becoming a TV writer.

1:25 - Speaking of things to do: Have I mentioned that I write book reports for work? Why did nobody tell me this was an option? Here, my thoughts on a surprisingly well-written zombie book.

6:13 - This is how Starbucks gets you: Just the right armchair, just the right afternoon light, just the right level of white noise, just the right kind of music to drown out via Frightened Rabbit on headphones, just the right kind of milk and sugar without ever having to buy more. If I ever get any writing done, it was probably there.

7:33 - It is, in my opinion, one of the great secrets of home cooking that roasted asparagus tastes an awful lot like potato chips. (Plus fish. And potatoes, which also taste like chips with the proper application of olive oil and salt.)

8:40 - Yes, this is our freezer. Yes, it is full of Drumsticks. No, it is not always like this. Yes, I had an intense conversation with myself about the importance of one Drumstick per day. Not two. ONE.

Happy twelfth, everybody!


Anonymous said...

I'd never *noticed* that asparagus tastes like potato chips, but I'll try to keep it in mind. I'm sure it'd be good for my health!

Your razor picture really had me worried there for a sec! I'm like, WHAT feminine product is this?! B/c you really can't tell, and the imagination could go anywhere.

Lipp said...

Nice '12

...and I would like a drumstick, please.

Dogeared said...

Good job razors are cheap... mine always go rusty (from being left in the shower) before I get more than a few uses!

Liz said...

H - It's uncanny, and a revelation. Try something between 400-450 for 15 or 20 minutes, with olive oil and salt and pepper; they turn crispy and salty. It's like vegetables, BUT NOT.

I actually had similar thoughts on the razor package. My favorite part is how it's curvaceous...like we only buy hygiene tools if they're shaped vaguely like us? I feel like a man came up with this.

Liz said...

Lipp -

Well, a week later, we still have a box and a half. And it's not like I haven't been giving them significant attention...

Liz said...

Other H (sorry, didn't think that through) -

Do they really? Clearly it's wetter on your side of the world than it is here. Mine occasionally start to rust, but usually they're so dull by that time that it's just as well.

(PS, Can I say that I'm now so irritated with myself for not meeting up with you when I was in your neck of the woods, years ago? I had fun with what I did, but I don't know what I was thinking. Next time!)