Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Halloween: Check.

I dressed up as Betty Crocker--that's a homemade pumpkin-praline cake, half-eaten, that I'm holding--which was actually just kind of an excuse to wear a crinoline and heels and pearls for a day, and also to say "crinoline" as often as possible:

Honestly, my favorite part of Halloween is handing out candy, but living in a locked apartment building as I do, that's not part of my routine these days. Instead, I went to choir practice and then to Heather and Erik's house on Treasure Island to hang out and eat homemade applesauce while Erik set out flaming jack-o-lanterns (courtesy of rolls of toilet paper dipped in kerosene). His level of comfort around flaming/exploding things is admirable, or nerve-wracking, or both.

Also, as a kid, did anyone else's teachers tell them not to eat apples from trick-or-treating, because they might have razor blades in them? Apparently, there's never been a documented case of someone giving razor blade-spiked apples to children. However, as far as I can tell, the myth persists (not that it's a good idea to eat non-wrapped trick-or-treat food anyway, but who gives apples to trick-or-treaters anyway?). What a strange idea to put into kids' heads.

And's November! Where did that come from? Scarf weather and pumpkin food and a couple of holidays coming up: all good things. And yet, I'm not ready.


Al said...

Cute Betty Crocker outfit! I think I remember hearing about the razor in apples on Halloween. Who ever got apples?! It was all about the candy and "persuading" my younger brother to give me the good candy from his bag.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Betty Crocker!! Yeah, I heard the same thing about the razorblades, but also if someone gave me an apple, I would have thrown it at the house later, it's like getting those little boxes of raisins or the jackass that gives you the toothbrush. Those people WANT to get egged.

James said...

I was the anonymous comment, don't know why it showed up as anonymous though.