Friday, November 17, 2006

Haiku Friday and more

November has been rough on this blog; Cinema Hype and my novel (and, well, life) are keeping me plenty busy. I hate to neglect this blog, since I've grown kind of attached to it, but the rest of November may be a little sparse as well. I'll be back full-force in December.

But anyway, there's no skipping out on Haiku Friday! My Friday-night dilemma:

Housewarming party?
Or Paul Newman in The Sting
at the Paramount?

The answer: Both, maybe.

In other news, The Novel is coming along; I've fallen behind a fair bit in terms of volume, but I had a major revelation last night in the car that may well save my story and my word count. It's hard to write prolifically when your protagonist is boring, and when your plot seems so far away--there's nothing to say. I've decided that I need to use a non-linear structure, so I can cut to the chase more easily, and I also gave one of my characters a sudden sex change (my hotel maid is now a non-English-speaking handyman). I'm suddenly feeling much better about this, and planning to dig in and get some work done this weekend. 50,000 words shall be mine! I think. I hope.


Christine O. said...

What a strange coincidence. Today I received the soundtrack to The Sting in the mail. It was an accident, tho. My brother ordered it from my BMG account and forgot to change the address. So I mailed it to him. I never saw the movie, though I remember the music from the movie because my brother went through a prolonged ragtime phase on the piano.

Heather D said...

It is actually a very good movie - one of my mom's favorites, so I've seen it a few times. Paul Newman and Robert Redford both young and cute, and a good story.

Why is your protangonist boring, Liz? Are you just not identifying with him and/or her?

James said...

You know what is always good in a novel? NINJAS! Jane Eyre would have been way cooler if it had more Ninjas in it.