Thursday, July 12, 2007

12 of 12: July

Same song, millionth verse; a little bit louder and a little bit worse!

7:00 - I'm up. Really.

7:06 - Breakfast and my pretty farmer's-market flowers, which I will miss terribly when they're dead.

11:02 - Break time! A quiet moment with Atonement (excellent, by the way).

There was allegedly work in the middle of all this, but we won't talk about that.

4:48 - Boooooorn freeeeeeee, as free as the wind bloooooooows.....

4:56 - I thought this new sign in my neighborhood summed things up nicely, so I took a picture.

6:32 - Leftover salad (greens, blueberries, toasted walnuts, and dill), while the chocolate-covered coffee beans look on

6:32 - A little Gilmore Girls to feed the nostalgia ("Paris is Burning," even though it stresses me out every single time)

6:57 - Amish Friendship Bread batter is a gross, yeasty mess that makes my kitchen into a gross, yeasty mess.

7:28 - It's a good thing that gross, yeasty mess bakes up into such a nice, vanilla-cinnamon bread, or it might be more like Amish "Why is this bread so gross and yeasty?" Bread.

9:17 - My Bible study, minus about eight people. But hey, it's the faithful ones that get Friendship Bread (also treasures in heaven, I hear?).

9:55 - I am not stalking Alexis Bledel. I am, however, planning to bring these pictures of her bangs to my hair appointment tomorrow and say, "I want THAT." Aren't they cute? (I know full well that I am not Alexis Bledel, nor do I have a stylist to follow me around with a curling iron. I am aware that bangs may be a Bad Idea. But maybe not, so, you know.)

11:02 - Time to do it all over again. Good night!


Anonymous said...

Any chance you'd be willing to share the recipe for Amish Friendship Bread? It looks good to me, and the name is so pleasing...

Anonymous said...

Awesome shots!

Hey...I think that's kind of the bangs the stylist I saw on Saturday gave me! Cool!!

ChadDarnell said...

I am SO telling Alexis she has a stalker!!

Great pics!


Dogeared said...

Oh that is just how I look first thing in the morning too [lol].

And yay for haircuts!

Helen ("Dogeared")