Monday, July 23, 2007

First Transformers, now this

I have betrayed my inner child. When I was ten, I grew my bangs out and swore I'd never cut them again. EVER. Because bangs are CHILDISH and make everyone's faces look ROUND, and they're always in your EYES and then your mom has to cut them with BANG TAPE. I believe that I have also been known to say, fairly recently, that bangs are never a good idea. And so it's even weirder that I waltzed into my local fancy-schmancy hipster salon and asked for Rory Gilmore/Feist bangs. If I can take a moment to be totally vain, I'm pretty pleased with the way they turned out:

And because my new stylist--I have a stylist!--does free bang trims, my mother will not have to dig the bang tape, circa 1986, out of the medicine cabinet (but I bet it's still there if I need it).


Anonymous said...

Bangs! Wow! Not since that tee ball picture on the corkboard near the phone... I'll hold my judgment until I get home - kind of hard to tell from the picture you have here. [Ben]

Glenna C said...

Nice hairdo! You have the cool modern-sweepy bangs action without them actually falling in your face as per Rory's in 6th season. This is a good version of bangs ;)

James said...

I think it looks good. And Transformers was AWESOME!!!!

Anonymous said...

a. I love your bangs, and am jealous of them. If I cut my bangs I would have a frizzy poof, eighties-style, with no hairspray or teasing.
b. We wanted to grow out our bangs to be like Amy Grant on the Baby, Baby music video...remember? Yea!
Love, Sue