Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Curses! Foiled again!

Oh no! It's the 12th. And I forgot.

Never mind, though; I can fill you in on the details as they will probably transpire:

7:00 Wake up (that's a picture, right there)
7:52 Leave for work
8:04 Arrive at work
*Edit, edit, edit*
1:00 Lunchtime! Plus a few minutes with The Portable Dorothy Parker, for sanity
*Edit, edit, edit*
4:40 Booorn freeeeee, as free as the wiiiind blowwwwwwws....
*Snack, Cinema Hype, Daily Show*
6:00 Chris picks me up for crew practice
*Row, row, row*
8:15 Home again! Shower, dinner, couch. Script. Bones.
11:30 Bed. Whew!

(Why does 12 of 12 so often fall on the most boring days? Perhaps that's half the point. People's regular, mundane lives.)


Christine O. said...

Will you be talking about Dorothy Parker's writing any time soon? I feel like I need a reason why I should read her stuff. Other than just wanting to look cool and smart because I'm walking around with her portable works.

Liz said...

I will be. I've had a post knocking around in my head for awhile now about what I've gotten out of this book and why, in retrospect, it's a really worthwhile read.

For starters: Her review of The House at Pooh Corner.. Hi-larious!

Dogeared said...

I missed your 12 of 12!