Thursday, September 13, 2007

Progress, or Knitters *Heart* the Internets

So, there's this website, Ravelry. It's a community/social site for knitters: there are friends and groups, finished-object galleries, patterns-to-knit lists, a yarn-stash database capability, and I don't even know what else. You can search other people's work by pattern (see all finished photos of a particular pattern), by yarn (see all finished photos of items knit from a particular yarn), or, I don't know, alphabetical by needle size. Legend has it that Ravelry will knit on your projects while you sleep, so you get through them faster. (It doesn't make mistakes.) It is, by all accounts, a big rollicking yarn-y party and possibly the Best Thing Ever. There is much raving over Ravelry in the knitting world.

The site is still in beta, so the creators set up a waiting list for invitations before it goes live to the general public. I signed up a few weeks ago and I've been using the handy-dandy "check your place in line!" feature to see where I am.

Last week? 18,000-some people ahead of me, plus the 11,000 who've already received their invitations.

Today? 17,070 people are ahead of me. 3,065 people signed up after me.

Apparently, the revolution will have yarn and needles.

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Glenna C said...

The rumours are all true. Ravelry will knit while you sleep, fix your wonky gauge issues, overcome dye lot inconsistencies, repair that snag you got that one time when you brushed that sweater up against a doornail, guide your hand to the most magnificent yarn in all the yarn shops in all the land, and remove all your stash guilt ever.

(Or, it's possible it's just a really cool site ;) Prepare now! Get yer photos up on Flickr!)