Sunday, April 13, 2008

12 of 12: April

Aha! I bet you thought, what with being on vacation and all, that I'd skip 12 of 12 this month. Not so! This is 12 of 12: Vacation Edition, wherein I chronicle my last day visiting my friend Kendra in Southern California. It is, frankly, way better than weekday 12s, for obvious reasons. (For more on the 12 of 12 internet art project, including other people's 12s, check out Chad Darnell's blog.)

10:07 - Waking up at a reasonable hour after arriving home from Disneyland at a not-so-reasonable (in the best possible way) hour.

11:10 - How great a hostess is Kendra? She made us Mickey Mouse pancakes, with chocolate chips and/or blueberries, that's how great.

1:40 - A trip to the Agoura Hills Library's weekly book sale, where I didn't buy anything, though I thought long and hard about a copy of H.L. Mencken's notebooks. ( a nerd.)

2:35 - Winter feet + two full amusement-park days in flip-flops = time to call in a professional. (Public service announcement, though: Judgemental pedicure ladies are untoward. I know my feet are gross. If they were as soft and fresh as spring lilies, I would take care of them myself. FOR FREE.)

4:00 - Much better. This will last approximately 2.4 minutes.

4:52 - On the 101, driving to put our names in for the Wicked last-minute front-row ticket lottery, or find something else to do if we don't get in.

6:03 - We won! We won!

6:04 - See?

6:32 - Killing time at Hollywood and Highland before the show. Ice cream and elephants! Two of my favorite things!

7:29 - Found embedded in the sidewalk on Argyle St. in Hollywood

7:45 - Clandestine pre-show non-flash photography from the front row of the Pantages. That's the dragon above the proscenium arch, sort of.

11:10 - Somebody finally volunteered to take Kendra's and my picture after several failed attempts at doing it ourselves. Thanks, guy!

What a good day, right? I could totally get used to this. I can't believe there's, like, work on Monday.


Glenna C said...

Look at you being awesome. (And ahahahhaha on the pedi comments). I started to do 12 of 12 but was just not feelin' it. I'll catch it next month!

Xerxes said...

My wife and youngest daughter have done the Wicked lottery in Chicago a number of time and won! I think my daughter has seen Wicked at least 9 times over the Chicago run.

I of course being the grumpy old engineer have seen it zero times.

That plaque is weird; do you know what the story is behind it?

Liz said...

Glennaaaaa! I was thinking about you this morning because do you know what today is? It's BONES DAY! I watched some old S1 episodes this weekend, and now am unreasonably excited. I want to hug that silly, ungainly, awesome show. We must chat.

Liz said...


Nine times! That's awesome. This was only my second time, but my first viewing was opening night with the original Broadway cast (it previewed in SF before its NY opening, and I covered it for work--best perk ever!). Anyway, I love it so, so much.

Anonymous said...

Awww... Wicked... so jealous. I'm going to be trying for the lottery when it comes to Orlando.

Xerxes said...

Cool so you saw Chenoweth and Menzel! My daughter would be VERY jelous.

Dogeared said...

Oh yay, another holiday 12 of 12! (I had one too, though shorter!). Fantastic weather, friends and Disneyland? You got a good holiday!

And winning the Wicked lottery? Excellent!

(I'm late commenting as I was only back home late on the 14th and so my 12 was delayed too - this week's just been busy!)