Sunday, April 27, 2008

Noony noony noony

I feel bad for the people in this world who don't know the joy of a good late-night putter. You know the putter: it's that time of night when there's nothing to do, and so doing nothing--or at least a very mindless something--is the whole point. I mean, I have movies to watch and plenty of writing to do, but then I wouldn't be puttering, would I? I could go to bed, but then when would I organize my sock drawer, take on ill-advised baking projects, and catch up on my Mythbusters? You know what I mean, Vern? (Ooh, now there's a late-night cable movie.)

I'm not talking a quiet evening at home, here. Contrast is key to successful puttering. I went out tonight, had a good time, met some new people, ate a lot of things I might regret tomorrow. Then I came home, ran through the shower, and here we are, with all the windows open and Park Boulevard relatively quiet for once. That's how it goes: social, social, social, then putter.

Bedsheet-changing is a great puttering activity, especially because there are so many obvious benefits when sleep does finally catch up. Did that. Also folded laundry while watching Grey's Anatomy, which I never ever watch, but which saved me from both the Christopher Walken Saturday Night Live episode I'd already seen and from the disappointment of TBS's sudden refusal to be my personal cable station. From there I was prepared to move on to Love Comes Softly (I know, right?) until ABCFamily and One Fine Day stepped in. And did you know that Baby George Clooney doing a puppet show is mind-blowingly cute? Or that Amanda Peet has an unfortunate run-in with some nude lipstick? Think of all the things I would never know if I slept through all of this! KEY INFORMATION, I'm telling you.

And with that, my clean sheets are calling.


Bellacantare said...

dude, that was me last night. Finally made myself stop puttering at 2am. I had been out all day, hiked, had dinner with my sister and future bro-in-law and then saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I got home and just didn't want to sleep. My mind was going and didn't want to quiet, so I opened my laptop and started organizing new playlists in my itunes. This was something I'd been meaning to do, but it never felt like a good time until the puttering began. I also left my window open...gotta love our east bay breezes.

Liz said...

Yes! Organizing iTunes is a *perfect* puttering activity (in fact, maybe I'll do that next weekend). It's just so nice to have it be quiet and just do all those mindless things you don't really feel like doing during the day. :)

Sarah said...

We watched not one but TWO ABCFamily movies this weekend - Friday night, Roommate and I caught the last 45 minutes or so of Father of the Bride (hold on while I wipe away a tear) and then Saturday, whilst doing laundry, and I guess, puttering during the afternoon, we watched The Cutting Edge 2. Neither of us had seen it. It. Is. Terrible. And yet...we couldn't stop watching. We watched the whole, dreadful movie.

Liz said...

I can't believe I haven't seen The Cutting Edge 2. My family can confirm that I was WAY, WAY into the first one for an absurdly long period of time. And, actually, I haven't seen it in probably a decade, but I caught the last five minutes (on ABCFamily, natch) this weekend and still knew it by heart. So terrible/perfect.

"Just remember who said it first!"...and cue Joe Cocker. Hee.