Thursday, March 12, 2009

12 of 12: March

Welcome to 12 of 12; for more 12-ish hijinks or more information, see Chad Darnell's blog.

On with the show:

6:50 - Up. In the dark. Ugh.

7:04 - Sherlock = Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window.

7:41 - Not running for the bus, which is always a good sign.

10:30 - I worry that I'm getting into Rachael Ray territory when I say that homemade waffles reheat perfectly in the toaster. Before you know it, I'll be washing and cutting up my veggies right when I buy them, and then coating them in some EVOO and whipping up some sammies. Oy. (They do, though. Toast well, I mean.)

11:17 - Entering (my own) edits on a book of American idioms, while also re-writing the depressing and/or tawdry sentences included by the author.

5:15 - What is this "spring" of which you speak?

5:40 - Riding the escalator out of Dupont Circle metro. The quotation inscribed on the wall is (apparently) from the Walt Whitman poem "The Wound Dresser": "Thus in silence in dreams' projections....Some suffer so much, I recall the experience sweet and sad,..."

6:37 - Out for a run at the National Cathedral.

6:39 - The gate to the gardens at the cathedral, which I hereby adopt as my extended backyard, for all of my running, walking, basking, contemplating, nature-admiring, and reading needs.

7:40 - Chickpea and pasta soup, my current simple dinner of choice. The key here, as with basically everything else in life, is extra olive oil and double the garlic.

8:05 - Happy times: Hot soup, cuddly cat, Jon Stewart on my TV.

8:47 - Writing about 80's live-action Disney movies for Cinema Hype. I love me some Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson--who doesn't?--but Race to Witch Mountain, I cannot support.

See you next month.


CoffeeDog said...

Sherlock = Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window.

LOL, good one.

Anonymous said...

I love how you always remember to take your first shot when you wake up. I always forget :-(
I was driving by the Grand Theatre last weekend and it made me think of you! I wanted to stop and take a photo and send it to you, but I couldn't get my camera out in time while I was driving. Don't know how you did it every month. I'll be ready next time!

bilunabirotunda said...

Why don't *I* have a cathedral in my back yard, hmm? Oh... I have the Mormon Tabernacle... ohh kay...

Love the cuddly Sherlock pic! I must come visit sometime! We just were visiting Erik's dad and stepmom and their three adorable kitties.

Lisa B said...

What lovely cats! And that waffle looks tasty too. Lovely pics of your day.

Dogeared said...

Homemade waffles? Ooh sounds yummy :D I like cuddly Sherlock, and I really like the photo of you and the Cathedral! How cool you get to run past it, and use the grounds as your adopted garden ;-)

Martini Dan said...

Nice photos! 8:05 Happy Times...what a great moment to capture!

Mom said...

I just realized that the next 12 of 12 is on Easter! Yeah!