Wednesday, March 25, 2009


There was a nun on the bus this morning, in a full habit and everything. She was young. People kept talking to her. I bet she gets that a lot.

I have been lurking around Etsy in search of business cards--because I keep scrawling my information on the backs of receipts and handing them out, and also because handmade paper products are like catnip--and instead I keep running across "mommy cards." Mom's name, "Mom of _____" (ugh), contact info, kid's allergies/fears. Is this a thing now?

Right now, everybody should be watching Chuck and Friday Night Lights. Chuck (Mondays, 8 p.m., NBC) because it is forty-two minutes of spy-hijink hilarity, and because it continues to get better and better every week; Friday Night Lights (Fridays, 9 p.m., NBC) because it is just perfect, all the time, and because you will fall in love with every single resident of Dillon, TX, even the ones that aren't very nice. You can totally catch up on both of these shows before they end for the season; the entire series of FNL is even streamable (legally!) on Hulu, which means you are officially out of excuses.

Also, last week's episode of 30 Rock was a small miracle.

I am thinking about making a professional website for myself--something to put on the cards, with links to my various web presences--but I'm pretty sure I don't really know what that means.

The National Cathedral is the new Lake Merritt: I try to run around the grounds and gardens three days a week, and have scoped out a variety of benches and shady places to stretch out with a book once it's warm enough. I recently went inside for the first time, and learned that they have evensong every day at 5:30. I'm never home from work by then, but if I hurry and then get off the bus one stop early, I think I could catch the second half.

"Orientated" is not a word. "Oriented" is a word. World, please learn this.


Anonymous said...

I love Chuck, too!!! I just got season one on DVD because Costco had it for barely more than half of its cost at the NBC store, which is the best deal running.

Also, the "orientated/oriented" issue continues to be a plague in my life, one only heightened by the History of the English Language course from college. Did you take that?

Mom said...

Going to evensong at the National Cathedral sounds lovely. I thought that was one of the most beautiful buildings I've ever been in.

Xerxes said...


Webster says:

Main Entry: orientated
Function: adjective
Usage: chiefly British
Date: 1950

So its British and used in the 1950's but it's still a word.

Evensong shouds real good right now (I know poor English), either that or a good scotch!

Happy Days!

Liz said...


I didn't take History of the English Language, but I know lots of people who did. Michael Curley, right? Or Denise Despres? Smart people, both.

CHUCK. I love that show. I thought this week was super-awesome (the three-way Buy More heist! And General Beckman is tiny! And Casey is totally a softie and loves Chuck/Sarah!), and I am even *more* excited for next week. I could probably talk about this all day long, but will stop now. :)

Liz said...


It IS pretty amazing--I love how tall and thin cathedrals are. And it's so, so quiet in there, which is a nice break. (There are lots of tourists, though. I keep wanting to say to anybody who will listen, "I am not a tourist! I come here all the time!")

Liz said...


If any of the people using "orientated" could readily explain to me that it's a British usage from the 1950s, great. They have my written permission. Until's "oriented." :)

Anonymous said...

I had Peter Greenfield for that class. Loved it! If I ever move to Tacoma, I'll be auditing that class with my free audit credit...providing alums still have that privilege. I could use a refresher.

I'm excited for this week's Chuck, too. I feel such affection for all of the characters that I'm totally vested in whatever happens. Sometimes I question my sanity that I like Casey so much...but who can resist Adam Baldwin? After Firefly, I can't help it.