Monday, April 13, 2009

12 of 12: April

Extra double bonus points for the twelfth falling not only on a weekend, but on a major religious holiday (...that I celebrate)! This is so much better than eight pictures of my desk, three of my meals, and one (invariably) of me watching Jon Stewart. I hope you agree. Also, I'm out of my photographic element, visiting family in Armonk, NY for the weekend.

For more 12 of 12 info and/or madness, check out Chad Darnell's blog.

7:55 - Happy Easter! He is risen! I, however, am not. Yet.

8:23 - The guest room (slash my cousin's old bedroom) at my aunt and uncle's house. I love staying here.

8:39 - Ready for church. Neither snow nor sleet nor 40-degree weather will keep me from wearing my new sundress, sans nylons, this morning. Little did you know that my feet have mysteriously disappeared.

8:56 - On the road to church with my aunt.

9:02 - Easter lilies. I've always liked how lilies are kind of a messy flower--their pollen gets everywhere.

11:15 - You will know the Presbyterians by the mostly-empty trays of goodies they leave in their wake. (Totally a good reason to go Presbyterian, by the way.)

11:30 - The upside to having church in a gym: after-service hockey! Pots of Easter flowers make excellent goalposts, as any church kid will tell you.

12:03 - It is a truth universally acknowledged that it must be freezing on Easter, but at least we got plenty of sunshine. (Note the complete lack of leaves on the tree, though. Spring is still half asleep up here.)

3:36 - Easter lunch detritus in the kitchen.

4:28 - Checking in on various Easters back home, and wondering whether they'd wait for me if I ran to the airport now. Triple-timing, bicoastal Easter would be awesome, don't you think? Oh, to have spring break again.

6:00 - My portable knitting, the Lace Ribbon Scarf. We're making up slowly after I made a mistake a tiny yarny fight. I may have been giving it the cold shoulder, a bit.

6:42 - After a major holiday, we do just what every red-blooded American family would: sit around with our leftover hors d'oeuvres and our BBC costume dramas and our yarn (well, that part's just me). Doesn't everybody?

Happy (day after) Easter, all. See you May 12 if not before.


Anonymous said...

THat pic of you on the phone might be the most adorable ever. And hi I think United Methodist can challenge you at food. I am still not completely hungry for food today and have consumed an entire 3/4 piece of toast...

bilunabirotunda said...

Look at how long your hair's getting! Looks good. Also, love your cousin's ex-room and the nice china.

Mom said...

Sounds like your trip was great. I do love the center-hall colonial house. Sara's old roon looks like one from a magazine-- beautiful. I agree with crazyknittinglady about the picture on the bed-- you should use it as your facebook photo. We'll try to call you on your drive back to Washington. (since we are on VA-- CA-- TION!!)

Mom said...

room, not roon. Sorry

Sara said...

Awwww - perfect! I was really kicking myself about not being able to come up this year because of work, etc.

And now I'm kicking myself again, but it's still lovely to see the old homestead!

I'm so glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

Great pattern on that dress. I just didn't have it in me to brave the chilly Northern California weather on Sunday (I would have froze in NY!), so no cute dress for me, instead I went with the normal black slacks and cute top with a cardigan. :-p
Happy Easter and happy twelve!

Chris said...

I think most denominations ... scratch that -- religions, in fact, claim to have the others beat with food. I, personally, would be willing to serve as a judge on that panel. Heh heh.

Nice 12!!

Dogeared said...

You look pretty in the sundress - I'd love to have your legs! And ooh sunshine (even if cold). I don't mind the cold, if there are blue skies and sunshine. We just had grey here :-(

Liz said...


Aww, thanks! You're nice.

Hee, I wouldn't think the Methodists would be all that into potluck madness, but I am prepared to be proven wrong. (My theory has been that the more high-church you get, the less foody things are.) I sit corrected.

Liz said...


It *is* really long, though I don't think it's actually as long as it was right before I moved. I think I am sort of in need of a haircut--or, rather, a hair *style*--but am too cheap and too indecisive to actually do it at this moment.

Which is like ten times more information than you needed. Heh.

Liz said...


It was great, though I am *also* kicking myself (or maybe you, gently) that you and R weren't there. We even watched Cranford, and I know you wouldn't have passed that up.

Ah, well. Next time. (Also, I don't know whether you're planning on having a shower up north, but if so, I want to come!)

Liz said...


See, that's because you are smart and have common sense. How it can be THAT COLD in California in spring--as it always is--will always confuse me.

Happy belated Easter!

Liz said...


I think your all-denomination cook-off is a fabulous idea. Do I feel a reality show coming on? (OMG, I would probably actually watch that. GO PRESBYTERIANS! We would totally lose, though. I wouldn't mess with the Baptists, personally.)

Also, I think that being a judge on that panel would have many upsides but a few KEY downsides. Are you prepared to deal with the many, MANY varieties of jello salad that would come your way?

Liz said...

Aww, thanks, Helen! Also, I completely believe that you Brits are impervious to the cold as long as you can see the sun. I would be, personally.

Scooter said...

What a beautiful Easter. Thank you for sharing it with us. Smiles.

Xerxes said...


As someone who has gone from Presbyterian to Evangelical Free (my Mother STILL thinks I am in a cult), I really miss the potlucks. The Evangelical Free church can not hold a candle to the Presbys! I wonder if it has something to do with reformed theology? Those following reformed / covenantal theology have better potlucks than those who follow armenian / dispensational theology.

This would be a good topic for a sociology paper!