Friday, April 10, 2009

Death and...

I think that I need to clarify something for the U.S. government.

I don't mind taxes, in the grand Swedish pseudo-socialist universal-health-care sense. I think the government should provide services to its citizens, not for the 90% of us who are perfectly able to put roofs over our heads and medicine in our medicine cabinets, but for those of us who aren't able to do those things. I have enough, and even if the government isn't the most efficient machine for distributing the money, I don't mind sharing.

But when I say that I don't mind taxes, I do not mean that I don't mind DOING my taxes. That, I mind deeply. I spent all week calling financial institutions and collecting paperwork and checking form numbers and parsing through the exact wording of the tax form. I got them filed, but in response, I'd like to say: Shut up, IRS.

And I'll see you again next April.


Xerxes said...


It always amazes me how many people do not have health insurance. I am with Thomas Jefferson though and want as little Government as possible. If the Government could work some kind of a plan out with private insurers, national health care for those who need it would probably be run better.

I agree with you on taxes, if it was not for Turbo Tax I would have one of my CPA friends do them for me!

So do we get to see cherry blossoms for your 12 on the 12th?

Liz said...


I can dig the small-government thing. It's not exactly that I love the idea of big government, but I *do* love the idea of a safety net for people who need it. If there was a public-private partnership for universal health care, I'd probably vote for it (especially since many people in countries with universal care also have private insurance).

No cherry blossoms on 12 of 12 this month--I'm in New York this weekend visiting family, and spring is juuust starting out here. BUT I did take a photography walk around the National Cathedral the other day and have those pictures sitting around for posting. So, soon!