Friday, June 12, 2009

12 of 12: June

So, who has two thumbs and totally spaced on 12 of 12? This girl!

Except that--lucky you!--there are a good six hours between work and bedtime, i.e. plenty of time to carefully Friday night in. You can't believe it, right? I know. It's like Bridget Jones's Diary, but only the spinsterish parts, and minus the choosing of vodka and Chaka Khan. (Or so you THINK!)

6:04 - Nothing like a good Friday-afternoon bed sprawl to celebrate the coming weekend goodness. Plus, you know. I have a theme going with the whole bed thing.

6:05 - I am, apparently, not the only one excited about this whole "coming home from work/undoing effects of uncomfortable office furniture" turn of events. I strive to be a good kitty pillow.

6:17 - My staple pizza dough, without which I would starve, all kneaded up and ready to sit. I use Deb's recipe, except that I use a full teaspoon of yeast and I'm not nearly patient enough to wait 20 minutes after punching down; the dough doesn't seem to mind much.

6:33 - Walking to Starbucks; talking bus tickets to New York for my friends' epic East Coast visit next month.

6:40 - Starbucks, the only coffee shop within walking distance and, recently, my favorite place to get out of my head apartment and write. PSA: Those new chocolate madeleines = the food of the gods, surprisingly chocolately, and v. good for inspiration (obviously).

7:50 - Much of DC is too flat and/or crowded to give good horizon, but way up here on the hill that is Northwest, there's at least an effort at a sunset. It's nice.

7:59 - Prepped ingredients for my standard pizza--sauceless, Arizmendi-style, because I can more or less handle keeping cheese, garlic, and bagged spinach in the house. Anything else is just icing, or gravy, or something else that doesn't go with pizza at all.

8:07 - Assembled. The dough went a bit heavy--something about the humidity, maybe?--but cheese and garlic cover a multitude of sins.

8:19 - Twelve minutes at 475. Perfect in a way that only perfect (well, perfect except for heavy dough) homemade pizza can be.

8:30 - If there's anything I need beside pizza from scratch, a sleepy cat, and John Hodgman on The Daily Show (segment title: "You're Welcome, America"), I don't want to think about it.

9:12 - Yes, I fold laundry to The Daily Show. Yes, this took me an episode and a half to finish. Yes, it had been sitting (clean) in the laundry basket since Monday. Stop looking at me like that.

10:11 - Spending more quality time with the script (for the Disney fellowship, if you must know); also checking out some music from Amanda's writing playlist, because sharing music makes us better writers. Or something. Maybe she's just really nice. (She is.)

So, wow. Aren't you glad you were here for the play-by-play on sauceless pizza and week-old laundry? You're welcome, America.


Midtown Mandy said...

Awww, shucks! Hope you liked the music. I see you were allowing Dent May to try and woo you with his magnificent ukelele.

That pizza looks AMAZING. I'm having pizza, too, but it's of the lazy variety: Round Table garlic chicken. WOCKA!

Chris said...

Well, I'm on a diet, so I am very appreciative of any sort of food porn, and you delivered quite nicely!!

Nice 12 :)

Anonymous said...

I love your Friday night! I've been looking for a good pizza crust, so I'm bookmarking your link - thanks. :)

Dogeared said...

Hey, at least you remembered and still got photos! A lazy Friday night sounds good to me - pizza, TV, cat... all good.

Liz said...


You know me--there's nothing like a small stringed percussion instrument to get me in the write? I don't know. I do like that song, though.

Round Table! (There's no Round Table on the East Coast, which took me awhile to realize. How do all these people manage?)

Liz said...


I aim to please. :)

Liz said...


Good luck with the pizza! I've experimented with a couple of other recipes, but this one's been the most consistent. Yum!

Liz said...


It was delightful. Far be it from me to turn down a night to just relax!

lovesmukiwa said...

Never heard of sauceless pizza. I am supposing it's still good?

Bellacantare said...

mmmm, love homemade pizza. I like to add bell peppers and olives, not sure why, I don't usually order them from pizzarias.

Liz said...


I like sauce just fine, but having it without is also delicious. I think the other flavors (cheese, garlic, spinach) come out more when they're not overplayed by sauce.

Xerxes said...

Isn't Pizza supposed to be round? At least it is here in Chicago!

bilunabirotunda said...

RSS treated me wrong, so I am only just here. Have to say, I'm sure laundry chilling in the basket comes out better than laundry dumped on the cat-hairy bed, then dumped on the cat-hairier chair and footstool, from where it falls on the floor (don't ask)!