Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wave of the hand

You know, say what you will about the increasingly public nature of internet culture; sometimes, all that consolidation isn't such a bad thing. Like, say, when a crash on your subway line makes the national news? One announcement on Facebook, a little wave of the hand to say everything's okay, and voila. Concerned phone calls down 90%. (Not that I mind concerned phone calls. Thanks for checking in! You know who you are.)

So, no, I was not on the red line train that crashed. All is well, for me.

Also, some day (one hopes July 2), I will use my spare time in ways that do not involve writing a script for a July 1 deadline, or thinking about the ways in which my script for the July 1 deadline is not moving as quickly as it should. Some day!


Xerxes said...


Glad you are okay!

Sarah said...

I got about five phone calls in two hours. It was kinda nice, actually. I'm sorry people got worried, but I definitely felt loved on Monday evening.

p.s. I had to wait for THREE trains this evening before I could finally squeeze into one. I hope they get the track fixed soon so it doesn't take me an hour and a half to get home. How's your commute been?

Liz said...



Liz said...


I sort of did, too. Plenty of relieved FB love after I posted felt nice. :)

I'm still experimenting with my commute--I haven't actually tried the red line yet, figuring it's a mess. Tuesday, I took the orange to Farragut and the bus from there (took awhile, but it's the beginning of the bus line, so at least I got a seat) and today I'm thinking of taking the bus all the way from work (which is easy, but goes through Georgetown at rush hour, so may take all night). Unsure. Here's hoping for an easier commute for you!