Wednesday, August 12, 2009

12 of 12: August

Welcome 12 of 12: Central Oregon Edition! I'm working in Corvallis for the week, taking advantage of Tillamook ice cream and non-oppressive Northwest summer weather. In the mean time, for more 12 of 12 madness, check out Chad Darnell's blog. It was his idea.


7:54 - Okay, I deviated from routine, a bit. I was half-dressed before I remembered the date, and may in fact be wearing makeup already. Sue me. Next month: bedhead and eye boogers, promise!

8:36 - The OSU football stadium directly across the street from my hotel.

11:20 - The fatal e-mail: Cinema Hype's parent company has gone out of business, effective immediately. Blah blah blah, writing; what is this "paying to go to the movies" of which you speak?

12:27 - Some schools have gargoyles; OSU has...beaver door handles. So, about the same on the gravitas scale?

12:34 - The student union Panda Express, where a) my beloved tofu and eggplant no longer exists, and b) the mixed veggies are not vegetarian. You just think about that for a minute.

4:40 - The Lace Ribbon Scarf in Berrocco Ultra Alpaca, ripped out and re-started on the plane due to self-compounding errors. Better now.

6:33 - Central Park. Not the one you'd think.

6:42 - Waiting for a train as I wander downtown Corvallis in search of food that is not beer.

7:11 - Victory! Adorably artsy pizza pub American Dreams, where the fresh tomatoes are not so much "cooked" as "warmed by pizza." Still good.

7:43 - I don't think there's anything I can possibly add to this. It's just that, whatever you thought about central Oregon, YOU WERE RIGHT.

8:45 - At a work event, having been thoroughly welcomed to the Uzbek portion of the evening. And I don't think "welcomed" means anything legally binding, though it seems that I'm pretty excited about it even if it is.

9:24 - And a complementary good night to you, too, Hilton Garden Inn.


Teri said...

I love Central Park! When I was a kid, we spent every Monday night there during the summer, because there were free orchestra concerts. That's where I swallowed a quarter, ate so many fritos I can no longer stand the smell of them, and spent much time on Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo, and Chocolate (the three horses and beaver on the playground). Don't even get me started on all the time I spent at the library across the street. Ah, childhood.

bilunabirotunda said...

"the mixed veggies are not vegetarian."

You mean there's panda in them?!!

Looks like a good time. Must be nice to be in reasonable weather for a change.

Liz said...


I love that you are intimately familiar with this random but very pretty park I walked through on the way to, actually, the Corvallis library. Which has clearly been redone in the past few years, and is GORGEOUS. Did you name the horses/beaver, or did they come that way?

Liz said...


HA. They probably *do* have panda in them. Mostly I was just cranky because I'd been looking forward to the eggplant/tofu deal, but the revelation that nothing there is vegetarian did not help.

You have no IDEA how great it is to be in a place where the air isn't trying to smother you all the time. Plus, it smells really good here--very much like Santa Cruz, actually.

Anonymous said...

Heeee! Can I just tell you how much I don't miss Central Oregon?

But the Beaver door handles are pretty priceless!

Bellacantare said...

I love the Central Park photo best too. I totally stole your "just woke up" shot this month. I knew I'd be stuck inside and would need as many shots as possible to get the twelve! hehe

Dogeared said...

The veggies are fried in the same oil as is used for the meat? Yeah, kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

Hope you're enjoying the trip, it certainly looked interesting!

Xerxes said...


So their servers are up and down and they have announced they are out of business. What do you think the odds are that you actually do get paid?

So are you going to stop by Washington State and see Edward?

Teri said...

I think we named the horses and beavers when I was 5-ish. Even then, I was obsessed with chocolate.