Sunday, August 23, 2009

Making stuff

I made risotto tonight. I did it partly as silent treatment on the script I'm working on (giving it a taste of its own medicine--YEAH, SCRIPT, I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU), but also because I bought zucchini at the Saturday farm stand that has apparently opened across the street from my apartment. And really, in August, when it's 90 degrees and 85 percent humidity outside and in, why wouldn't I want to stir rice on a hot stove for an hour?

I used to make risotto all the time--in the way that some people keep on hand the ingredients for, say, a quick spaghetti sauce or a grilled cheese sandwich, I decided awhile back to make sure I was always stocked up (a little risotto humor for you, there) on rice, onions, chicken stock, and white wine. It's a time-consuming staple--about an hour, start to finish--but it's versatile, one batch keeps me fed for a long time, and it comes with a pleasing sense of Making Something. It's you and the rice and some cooking music and a glass of that wine, like a little starchy kitchen party. And as a bonus, there are few greater motivations for getting through the morning than pulling a Tupperware full of cheesy ricey goodness out of the work fridge. I rarely use a recipe anymore--it's pretty standard, no matter where you look--but I used this one to confirm my quantities after my time away. Delicious.

I also pinned a sweater to the floor this weekend--at long last, I finished the February Lady Sweater, and for lack of a better place to block the lumpy-bumpies out of it, I laid it out on a few layers of towel/bath mat/carpet in the living room and pinned it into submission. All seems to be going well: it's almost dry, the inexplicable short side has lengthened out just fine, and Sherlock has done an admirable job of not batting at the pins. Vintage buttons are on their way via Etsy. Weather-wise, I won't be able to wear it for another month, at least, but all indications are that this may bypass "teachable moment/objet d'art" and go straight to "wearable garment." I call this a win.


Mom said...

Standing by the hot stove stirring the risotto sounds grueling (no pun intended). I remember how hot is was in there. I bet it was good though, and will be most satisfying for lunch tomorrow.
Sooo.. I am back to school tomorrow-- boo for having to get up early.

Xerxes said...

Liz's mom, my wife is already back to school, for some odd reason her school has the Kindergarten teachers do a parent teacher conference before school starts with all of the Kindergarten parents. Looks like this year she only has two whack job set of parents!

Liz -- based on your multiple pictures, that sweater will be very you, assuming Sherlock doesn't pee on it before you get it unblocked!

BTW -- window air conditioners are fairly cheep and easy to put into pretty much any window.

Liz said...


It actually wasn't that bad--cooler, I think, than using the oven. Plus, delicious! I would send you some for your first-day-of-school lunch if I could. :)


1) I'm more worried about him barfing something up than peeing on it...

2) I actually do have air conditioning, and I use it when I just can't take it anymore (usually, oddly enough, in the evening)--but usually stick to open windows and the fan.