Tuesday, June 12, 2007

12 of 12: June

Don't you just love random photography projects? Check out Chad Darnell's blog for other people's pictures.

As for me,

7:01 - Gooood MORNING!

7:08 - The food of the gods, you guys. If this were a blog like Mindy Kaling's, I would totally include the Salty Sweet Nutty mix, because it is both a Thing That is Awesome and a Thing I've Bought That I Love.

11:04 - Grabbing a quiet moment on the deck at work. Just me, Thursday Next, and a rice cake with Jif. Oh, and the blindingly bright sun.

Eternity 12:47 - DYING OF BUSY.

5:13 - I went into Bake Sale Betty's looking for an after-work snack and came out with the most amazing piece of apricot pie ever. Ever, ever, EVER. Tangy and sweet, with a sugared crust, slightly chilled (the way pie is supposed to be, in case you were wondering). The corner of 51st and Telegraph is not an idyllic spot, but I sat out in the sun with my pie and it was like...well, it was like a really good piece of pie on a sunny day.

5:25 - Danger, Will Robinson! Sale at the yarn store!

5:31 - I actually went to Article Pract to give back some unused yarn and find something new--they'd recommended way too much Rowan Soft Baby for my shrug, so I returned four skeins and used the store credit to buy sock yarn for my upcoming trip to England. Because there's no way I'm lugging the shrug around with me unless I'm wearing it!

6:27 - Still there. Fonding the goods.

6:42 - A girl and her hammer. It's a fine sight. (Finally assembling an IKEA bookcase I bought a few weeks back.)

7: 57 - Do you know what I don't recommend? Dropping a 200-pound bookcase on your bare foot. (The fact that all 26 bones in my right foot seem to be intact is amazing. I dropped a BOOKSHELF on my FOOT. With no SHOES on. But you can see the nice little blue patch coming up just below the base of the big toe; I took this immediately after I realized nothing was broken and stopped laughing at my own ridiculosity. PSA: Don't construct/move heavy furniture in your bare feet, kids!)

8:26 - Despite my battle wounds, the bookcase is up and functioning, with right angles and everything. Homey knickknacks to be artfully arranged at another time.

8:40 - The cop-out dinner: a veggie burger with nothing but mustard and a sliced peach. I rule!

Next month: July! 12 photos!


Anonymous said...

Great pics! And OUCH on the bookshelf! Feel better!

Sara said...


Great to see you in Reno! Yay cousinly bonding.

CondoBlogger said...

Great shots! What a cute smile you have in the hammer shot...

Dogeared said...

Yay for good pie! And ouch on your poor foot :(

Whereabouts are you visiting in England? (English person here :D)

Helen, Devon (12 of 12er)

SeƱora CC said...

Holy Bookshelf, Batman! OW!
Hope your foot is feeling better soon.
I love yarn. I found stores in Granada (Spain), and I have to restrain myself. I don't know what I would do if I were in the states (home) - I'd have way more than I could ever use!!!
Great 12 of 12.
~ CC

Liz said...


Actually, I'm having some trouble deciding where to go. I'm definitely going to London and the Lakes, but then I can't decide about the rest of it: the Peaks, or Bath? What do you think?

Bego said...

What a PIE! I so wish I had that right now.

Dogeared said...

Liz - I replied to your comment on my Blog :-)

Zippy said...

Damn! Ouch on the foot! I've got to say, though, I've built furniture in my bare feet and paid, too. What is it about IKEA and bare feet? They just go together.

That apricot pie looked absolutely amazing. I can't stop thinking about it!