Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ready for take-off

Well, the hotels are booked, the bags are sitting by the front door, and the Brit-pop playlist is safely on the iPod (pending arrival of the UK voltage converter with my mother). Looks like I'm ready go to.

See you July 1 (or possibly sooner, if those wacky Brits leave their internet access lying around for anyone to use)!


Heather D said...

Bon voyage! I bet you'll sneak into at least one internet cafe while you're there...

Dogeared said...

Whereabouts are you now? I forgot it was so soon you were coming!

If you feel particularly crazy and want an adventure in your last few days of England, we could try and meet up! I'm in Devon, but within reason, could get the train somewhere... Bristol, possibly Bath. But I stand by my recommendation of Exeter - it's beautiful city.

If you feel like a guided tour of it, let me know, and I'll show you around! It'd be pretty cool to say you've seen the narrowest street in Europe, and the cathedral with the longest uninterrupted vaulted ceiling in Europe (it's an 11th century Normal cathedral, and pretty magnificent even just from the outside)...

Plus, you can get cheap travel back to London, on Megatrain. Pretty good, ne? ;-)

If you end up somewhere else, I hope you have a marvellous time, because I love England, and it's a brilliant place - hopefully you'll enjoy where you stay, eat some good food and meet some lovely people - you generally can't ask for more than that!

If you want to email me, I'm a, and I'm dogearedandfurry. I check it several times a day, so would pick it up quickly.

I found this link:

Shows photos, things to visit, and has some accommodation (I saw one near the station for £25/night for a single - damn cheap).

Just in case you'd like to visit, but are limited on internet time ;-)