Wednesday, March 12, 2008

12 of 12: March

Ta-da! 12 of 12. Twelve pictures, every twelfth.

7:30 - Getting up. That shadow wouldn't go away; I like to think of it as the shadow of all the good things getting ready to happen today.

7:57 - All hail the Converse low-top! Cute, comfortable, goes with everything, and makes you feel a little like Tina Fey. In all, the perfect shoe. Unless it rains. (Sorry, but it's true.)

8:25 - The light at Lake Park and Lakeshore, only slightly less likely than the light at Harrison and W. 27th to be voted Most Likely to Make You Late For Everything.

9:10 - Looking for reprint errors on a poster about math in ancient Babylon. Fractions in cuneiform! Yessssss!

9:11 - My mission for today (besides, uh, work): to listen to all the random, basically unfamiliar music on my iTunes, from Age Pryor and the Marvellous Medicine (catchy and cute) to Vampire Weekend (awesome simply for having a song about the Oxford comma, though they're actually kind of snotty about it, but I like to think they'll grow up to see the error of their ways). Check.

2:40 - Out for an afternoon walk. Everyone I know is a little obsessed with these people's garden.

5:50 - Writing at the cafe down the street from my apartment. Iced tea, the White Stripes, and a change of scenery work wonders.

6:55 - In the window of a funny little art gallery on the walk home from Rooz. Look how excited they are! Can you blame them? I love it.

6:56 - Spring is coming, or it's here, or it'll be here soon, depending on the day.

7:02 - In the stairwell of my building. I love this window.

7:35 - Apparently spinach salad is both nutritious and delicious, especially when paired with tomatoes, chickpeas, and (inadvertent) soft-boiled eggs. Who knew? My fake-news boyfriend agrees.

8:40 - Pounding out a quick DVD review of Eagle vs. Shark. Reward: pudding.

Next: April!


Glenna C said...

Nice pics! Eventually I will have my 12 as well :D I like your poster. 'Cuneiform' always makes me think of Dr. Goodman.

Xerxes said...

Love the picture of the stairwell, the shadows and lines are great!

I looked up what an Oxford comma is, I can tell you that I am against it!

Liz said...

Glenna C! Ohhh, Dr. Goodman. How I miss him and his beautiful speaking voice. (Also, Carrie--do you know Carrie?--quoted the scene yesterday where Booth "helps" Bones apply for a handgun permit. It's my favorite Bones scene of ALL TIME and I don't care who knows it. "Reason for wanting a gun?" "To shoot people." "Not a good response." Heh.)

Hooray! I can't wait for your 12!

Liz said...

Oh, Xerxes, them's fightin' words! I love the Oxford comma, not least because it's a punctuation symbol with a place name, like a battle or something. Also, Chicago Manual of Style, that bastion of hilariously condescending grammar advice, "strongly recommends this widely practiced usage." So I say hooray for punctuation like the interrobang, the semicolon, and the Oxford comma!

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's not get into the Oxford Comma Battle *again*! Our descendants can fight it out when we're all long in our graves.

Love the shadowy wake-up picture! So atmospheric!

Lipp said...

Awesome stairway pic! And ancient math sounds very interesting!

Xerxes said...

I am an engineer so actually I find it hard to have any real strong opinions about English. The main thing I believe about it is that the supposed "rules" should not be called such because there are soooo many exceptions. However, I am comparing math rules against English rules so I supposed that is not a fair comparison.

What do fractions look like in cuneiform anyway?

BTW, that scene where Tempe is applying for a gun license is one of my favorites as well! I still want to know how they were able to move that entire safe to the Jeffersonian institute, but then I am probably over thinking the current plot.

cheapblueguitar said...

I love Converse. This reminds me I need to get a new pair.

Great photos!

Carrie said...

One of these days, I will finally listen to every random song I have in my iTunes. It's going to take forever, but IT WILL HAPPEN.

And that window is gorgeous!

Lisa B said...

Great pics, the shot of the window in the stairwell is fantastic.

Dogeared said...

I'm with you Liz, I do sometimes use it. I've been trained not to by school, but sometimes it just makes sense. I'm not gonna get bent out of shape if someone doesn't use it though! (I'm the Comma Queen, honestly).

Thanks for teaching me about the Oxford Comma, I'd not known that was an actual grammar point, or that it had a name!

Liz said...

Wow, so much Oxford comma controversy! It's true that some people *have* been taught to leave it out (and seriously, I'm an editor and I work with other editors, and we can talk about this FOREVER and EVER), and so I try not to rail against them too hard. But I'm pro-comma. So, you know. :)

Anonymous said...

I have the same exact Converse shoes and I love em!

And I also got those Ally McBeal dvds on Ebay because I couldn't find them anywhere else, unless they were selling them for a small fortune lol.