Sunday, March 02, 2008

Things I've Enjoyed This Weekend:

- Luke and Dave interrupting my spinsterish ways by coaxing me out of the house for Thai food and a rousing discussion of inventions and million-dollar schemes, a la Perfect Strangers

- Meeting up with long-lost Michigander friend Pei-Lan for sunny Saturday brunch of surprisingly delicious eggs Blackstone (still overcoming a bad poached-egg experience)

- No Country for Old Men, which, believe it or not, really was the best movie of 2007

- Button-down shirts in cute, springy fabrics(!) and proper sizes(!!) at the Gap

- Fake-interviewing Javier Bardem

- East of Eden

- Communion and a Josh McPaul sermon

- The return of cousin James from Bar Exam Land, silly mustache and all

- Church book sale (Added to living-room used-book pile: All the Pretty Horses, My Antonia, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Theft)

Good times. Good times.


Sara said...

Hooray enjoyable weekend!

Welcome back James (with mustache)!

James said...

I cannot lie, the mustache was a bit silly. That was part of why I grew it, everytime I looked in the mirror, I laughed.