Thursday, June 12, 2008

12 of 12: June

Happy June 12, all. For explanation of the 12 of 12 Project and an index of other twelves, see Chad Darnell's blog.


Kidding. (This is how rumors get started.)

7:05 - For reals, waking up. Why 7:05 is so much more feasible of a wake-up time than 7:00 is beyond me.

7:52 - Too hot for pants; too bad I have ghost legs. Really, folks, this is about as good as it gets.

7:55 - A beautiful day in the neighborhood.

10:53 - It looks like I'm down to two piles of work, but that's an act. If there are only two piles, I can't possibly be that busy. Right? Right?

5:05 - Running thirsty...blenders and nutrition powders call.

5:30 - Traffic sucks, but at least there's frozen pomegranate juice.

5:40 - Fun mail! Wedding invitation! (If you're reading this, Tamah, I'll be there.)

6:40 - People are coming over. This is me, trying (with limited success) to make it look like my apartment hasn't been taken over by frat boys or wild dogs.

6:50 - Confetti salad. I got so jealous of the mangoes in the original chef's picture that I added strawberries. Super-delicious, raw onions and all.

7:01 - Obviously, "salad" = "vehicle for chips."

7:40 - My super-awesome church group.

7:41 - Luke and Stephen making short work of confetti salad leftovers. (Boys. They're like trash compactors.)

7:42 - The other side of the room. (Susan REALLY loves her Bible.)

9:50 - Elsa-Jennie is awesome for many reasons, not least because she stays after small group and lets me relive the first season of Lost.

10:55 - Ugh, so hot. And tired. But at least I'm reading Pamie's's book.

Good night, and good luck. See you in July.


Bellacantare said...

LOL That was the BEST first photo ever! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

I want that salad AND the tortilla chips to go with it. :)

Xerxes said...

You know when I suggested you ask out a boy I was thinking ONE AT A TIME! :-)

I like your couch, nice style.

Susan said...

gotta love a 12 of 12 that starts with a threesome and ends with a bible study! lol! thanks for the chuckles!

Liz said...


Glad you liked it. :) I knew it would either crack people up or totally freak them out, so this is good!

Liz said...


You've gotta try the salad. It's so, so good...I think I'm going to make it again tomorrow, if I can track down more strawberries (they don't last long around here). I think the fruit made a big difference.

Liz said...


Well, you've got to be more specific next time! :)

Re: the couch, thanks! It belonged to my grandmother. I'm actually not SUPER attached to the couch, but I also have the matching armchair, which I plan to have forever and ever, because it's the BEST.

Liz said...


Hee, glad you liked it. That's how we Presbyterians roll, I guess?

Dogeared said...

Hee for a second that first photo threw me! Then I saw the real first photo, and looked more closely at the "fake one", and saw the Photoshop bit :lol:

Looks like you had a good day then - food, friends - all good!

Liz said...


Actually, that first photo is real! We took it during Bible study (of all things). It was Stephen's idea. :)

It *was* a good day.

Anonymous said...

Uh, your apartment *does* look like it's been taken over by frat boys. :-) But in a good way.