Tuesday, June 03, 2008

London calling TO MY SOUL

Today, right at the end of work, I suddenly couldn't believe I was in Emeryville and not in England. I'm not sure what brought on the sudden bout of Anglophilia; it might have been the realization that it's been almost a year since I visited, or the sight of Heather, who just got back from Scotland. Maybe it was the English "summer" weather we're having. Anyway, I suddenly wanted to be in London, at this one pub Christine and I went to, or in the Lake Country, where I didn't even get to the other side of Windermere, and can't believe I didn't go to Beatrix Potter's house (though I did hit up both of Wordsworth's, and I don't even like Wordsworth all that much).

As a compromise, to make myself feel better, I felt like going home to watch Pride and Prejudice, listen to the Clash, read Cold Comfort Farm, and drink tea, all at the same time. (Instead, I went home to watch the 5:00 ABCFamily rerun of Gilmore Girls, knit on the baby blanket, and eat Ginger Cats, all at the same time.) I did manage to track down some pub food for dinner, sausages and mash and cider at Kensington Circus Pub, though who makes sausages and mash with a) no gravy, and b) a side of black beans and salsa? (Oh, California. You kill me.) It did in a pinch, I guess. It was cheaper than a plane ticket to Heathrow, anyway, as well as practically everything else of the British/travel/money-related persuasion. I guess, once the price of gas goes down enough that I can afford to go anywhere farther than Walnut Creek, I'll have to go back. After all, I may have been to the lame faux Jane Austen Centre in Bath, but I totally missed the real Jane Austen house in some out-of-the-way Home Counties place, and I didn't even buy any yarn when I was there. Or books. Clearly, this must be remedied. What kind of tourist was I?

Anyway, until then, I'll be in my corner with some Blackthorn and, I don't know, some Bronte or another? I'll let you know how it turns out. (Hint: Crazy wife in the attic. Duh.)


James said...

Becket's on Shattuck is also a good place to get Bangers and Mash.

Ben said...

I'll be going through London when I come to visit 'round Christmas time. I'm actually stopping there for a day. Let me know if I can bring you a steak and kidney pie or something...

Anonymous said...

I've been to Beckett's...good place for pub grub.

Aww, I'm totally missing London, too. And can you imagine how much better it would be without having to run out to the store to get me crackers because I'm sick to my stomach? (On the other hand, I saw some cream crackers at Ranch 99 market it the other day and snagged them because I was thinking about how they saved me on that trip.)

Liz said...


Yeah, I should've thought about that before we went all the way to Kensington, but I'd always wanted to go to KCP anyway, so there you go. I do want to check out Beckett's anyway, though--I've heard good things, and am obviously pro-pub. (Are you in SC yet? We should go when you come back.)

Liz said...


Aww, I'm so jealous! London at Christmas! That's very Bridget Jones of you (try not to get into any fistfights).

Ew, a) steak, and b) kidney pie, though.

Liz said...


Aww, you bought cream crackers in thanks for their past kindness? That's sweet.

Anyway, I think we have to go back. Or at least go to Beckett's and relive the pub experience.