Thursday, February 12, 2009

12 of 12: February

February 12 of 12, wherein I post 12 pictures of my February 12, and lots of other people do the same. For more, see Chad Darnell's blog--it's his baby.

On with the photos!

6:51 - How I feel waking up in the morning when I know I'm off to work.

6:53 - How Sherlock feels waking up in the morning when he knows he's going back to sleep for 18 hours.

7:07 - Taking a minute with Hebrews and my trusty cinnamon-spice oatmeal. Sherlock supervises.

7:48 - I never get tired of the National Cathedral. It's always there, and it never gets any smaller, and that is amazing to me.

7:50 - A sunny morning on the N4. I like my bus commute.

12:15 - Yes, my cup of chocolate pudding is basically bigger than my cup of soup, which is...the proper order of the universe, right?

1:05 - Who has two thumbs, speaks limited French, and hasn't been rained on, snowed on, or frozen to the core once this week? (This girl!)

6:08 - Walking home from the bus in the last moments of daylight.

7:00 - Sherlock takes out the pink feather monster, which is probably very satisfying but also leaves him picking pink fuzz out of his teeth for like a week.

7:19 - Staring blankly at my Confessions of a Shopaholic review for

7:45 - Assembling leftovers of my favorite winter dinner. It's a good thing this stuff's healthy, because I eat it constantly on account of its being totally delicious.

7:55 - For an upcoming writing project, I'm collecting all the jerk things Alex Trebek says to his Jeopardy! contestants. Part of me thinks the Trebek thing's been covered by SNL; the rest of me thinks his supply of smarmy condescension is simply endless. Oy, Trebek. OY.

That's it; thanks for stopping in. Next month: same bat time, same bat channel!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherlock! I will come scratch your ears this weekend and we will be pals.

I was going to do 12 of 12 and then I decided to fret about no water instead. Wah. March!

PS How long until Saturday time? Too long!

Liz said...

Still no water? That's terrible! But hey: If it comes to it, we have plenty of functioning plumbing here.

So so soon!

bilunabirotunda said...

I am clearly not capable of 12 of 12 rememberancing. grr....

Your wake-up shot is rather glam this month :-), and Sherlock is ADORABLE. So glad you didn't go with Bolt or whatever it was (Dash?) and that he's come out from under the bed to take his proper place.

Liz said...


It requires some self-training to remember, for sure. I skipped like three months in a row last year, just out of pure forgetfulness. *shrug*

I *also* thought my wake-up shot was a little on the "come up and see me sometime" end of things, which is why I picked it. Gotta take advantage of these things when they happen. :)

I am also glad I didn't go with Dash--it totally doesn't suit him. And my favorite part about that picture of him on the bed is how he's making his Crazy Eyes face (which is not really his default face--he's a pretty calm kitty). Cracks me up every time. I say hi, on his behalf, to Clyde and Lucy.

Dogeared said...

I forgot you were looking for a kitty name! Sherlock's good :D It suits him!

Liz said...

Thanks, Helen!

It totally suits him--he's very inquisitive. :)

Ben said...

Roll of joy! Gotta love that.