Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why didn't I think of that?

Things Dove Chocolate thinks I should do or know about love, gathered from the wrappers in one bag of milk chocolate hearts:

- Believe in those I love
- Celebrate family and friends
- Be a little mysterious
- Sleep under the stars tonight
- Listen with my heart
- A gentle touch speaks volumes
- Hold hands firmly, hearts gently
- Discover how much my heart can hold
- Remember my first crush
- Laugh until my heart overflows
- Share a sunset

And one thing I can't really dispute:

- Chocolate. Always my valentine.

Happy St. Valentine's Day to all. (See how I appreciated you just there? This TOTALLY WORKS.)

1 comment:

Xerxes said...


I have one or two of those Dove things a day, usually in the morning with my first jolt of caffeine at work in the morning.

Happy Valentines day to you as well.

Keep working on that "come hither" look and you will have lots of DC guys wanting to share Valentines day with you next year!

Just watch out for the AC / DC guys! :-)