Thursday, February 26, 2009

What Was That?

So, when it comes to music, I'm a lyrics girl. I mean, obviously, there has to be a beat and some kind of melody, and all that; I'm not really up for grooving to spoken-word on the bus, or whatever. But I've never gotten people who say they don't listen to, or never learn, the words of the music they listen to. The lyrics may not come first, but sooner or later...right?

But sometimes, I have to say, the lyrics ruin it all--I was listening to a song the other day, and it's a song of which I've recently become quite fond. It's cute, and funny, and it plays like a sweet little romantic comedy in my head. And then I heard this one line clearly for the first time and was all, "Wait, what did you just say? See, now, you are not nearly as cute as you were ten seconds ago."

(Notice that I'm not telling you which song by which band, so as to not spoil your own enjoyment. I am nice.)

This may happen to me a lot because I listen to a lot of bands fronted by mumbly boys, so that actually learning the words is a kind of continual journey of discovery. Apparently, bad diction covers a multitude of sins; this is, I guess, why we have "Inna Gadda da Vida" and "Louie, Louie." And maybe it's for the best--for all I know, all the cute boppy indie bands I like are singing about kicking puppies and stealing candy from small children, and all I can think is, "Awww, he really loves his girlfriend!"

Go back to your mumbling, boys.


Anonymous said...

Liz, I agree with every word! My roommate is one of those people who doesn't care about words, and I cannot understand! Also, I have been disillusioned by discovering the words to a song I love so many times I can't begin to count them. It's always a sad moment.

Miss Molly said...

Could not agree more with this. I *hate* it when a song I <3 is ruined by the lyrics, but I can't just bop my head along without knowing what I'm committing myself to. What's worse is a song that has a great chorus, but the verses are abhorrent, or one really great lyric, but you just can't support the rest. Oy.

PS - Hi Liz! :)

Xerxes said...

Mumbled lyrics brings to mind "Jumping Jack Flash" by the Stones.

Mom said...

That's also where mondegreens come from-- lyrics that you can't quite catch correctly! (Donuts make your brown eyes blue.)

Teri said...

You know that stupid "Lips of an Angel" song? It sounds all sweet and stuff, then you listen to the lyrics and realize he's talking to his ex-girlfriend, while his current girlfriend is in the other room. Jerk. I like the way the song sounds, but I hate the lyrics.

I don't understand how people can not pay attention to the lyrics. How can you sing loudly in the car if you don't know the words??

Xerxes said...

Candy O, need I say more?

Liz said...

Hi, Molly!

Liz said...


I do not know this song. But he SOUNDS like a jerk, and that is exactly the kind of situation that can reveal itself when you start paying attention. Heartbreaking!

For singing-in-the-car purposes, you could always do what Al does, and make up your own words (which you believe to be correct, but that's another story). Heh.