Tuesday, May 12, 2009

12 of 12: May

Ah, it's that time of the month...so to speak. Twelve pictures. For news, notes, and origins on 12 of 12, see the master, Chad Darnell.


6:50 - Up, having followed my new resolution and gone to bed at a reasonable hour. Operation: Not Exhausted All The Time seems to be a go?

7:29 - True story: I recently ditched my eyeliner and blush for a day and went for the patented Rory Gilmore "a little mascara and a touch of Coppertone" look; no fewer than three people asked me if I felt okay. Viva la Sonia Kashuk for Target!

7:40 - I would like to shake the hand of the person who installed full mirrors in my lobby, ostensibly for the purpose of pre-bus last looks. Thanks, person!

7:48 - On the N4. Note to self: Please don't ever have to use these levers. If the window is pointing up, that's probably not great.

8:05 - My favorite Metro ad. Very Animal Planet of them, with the added benefit of actual shoes chewed by the escalators. I love how they're going for the scientific approach...or something.

9:20 - Books I'm considering for an anthology, and must read to determine levels of appropriateness. Working for the government is hard, you guys.

12:57 - Homemade spinach-garlic pizza, apple, generic Honey Nut Cheerios.

1:36 - You know, it's no Lincoln Memorial, but I really like the Capitol. And I really like being able to visit the Capitol on my lunch break.

6:03 - Walking home from the bus through my pretty, leafy neighborhood.

6:40 - At the Wisconsin Ave. Starbucks to get out of the house and work on my spec script for the Disney fellowship. Hazy-but-emerging A plot? Check. Equally hazy but opportunity-laden B plot? Double check. C plot? Um. About that.

9:50 - Meet Sherlock. He is both shy and modest, as you can see.

10:12 - Heaven! (I have low standards.)

Catch you all next month, if not before.


Anonymous said...

Sheeeerrrrlooooockkk! Meow. MEOW, I say. And yum for the strawberries. I must share with you the recipe I found today for lime-coconut-mascarpone mousse with fresh berries. Summer berry season ahoy!

I wish I could be a person who is up at 6:50am...

bilunabirotunda said...

I heart Sherlock too! Also, I like your new coat.

Chris said...

I think I used to live in that leafy neighborhood! Ah, DC in the springtime. I miss it ... on occasion :)

Nice 12!

TJ said...

Nice photos, love Sherlock. Thanks for sharing...

Zippy said...

I think Sherlock is looking for his Dr. Watson....

Xerxes said...


Nice pictures, interesting looking lobby in your building but I still like the stair / window / hall light shot you took in your last place.

How about the Bones finale! Could they have gotten any more characters and references to old shows into it?

BTW, tell Sherlock he needs to come out of his shell more.

Liz said...


I have to say that, frankly, I do not know how I feel about lime-coconut-mascarpone mousse. Does that make me weird? (No, lots of other things make me weird. Duh.) I do like mascarpone, and I do like limes, but I don't know if I like them together, and I am pretty much anti-coconut. So there's that.

Also, you CAN be a person who is up at 6:50 a.m....just as soon as you have to catch the 7:40 bus at the end of the block. You'd be amazed.

Liz said...


Thanks! Except it's actually practically so old it's new. I bought it for Paris, which was in...2004, I think. Also, incidentally, you will note that underneath it, I am wearing the infamous Paris Sweater. Still goin' strong, and just as aggressively orange. I love that sweater.

Liz said...

Hi, Chris!

I do like DC in the spring--nobody told me that, after the cherry blossoms, everything ELSE would start blooming! It's very, very pretty. But now the flowers are fading and it's just muggy and gray. So that's not as good.

Liz said...


You have no idea how, if I were to get another cat (slim odds on that, though--S is not super-social with other kitties), I would like to give it a detective name. Specifically, I want to get a girl cat and name her Thursday, after Thursday Next. Not that I have thought about this at ALL.

Thanks for stopping by!

Liz said...


You are not kidding about my apartment building. It's a bigger building than my place in California, and there are certain advantages to that (a package room!), but it is in no way cooler than my old building. I loved that place so much, ghetto though it was.

Re: Bones, I've now spilled my thoughts on that all over the internet. I thought it was ballsy and fun, though.

Dogeared said...

Good idea, the full length mirror! And very healthy eating - I need to channel your motivation on Operation Not Being Tired... ;-)

And I love the photo of Sherlock!